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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by sharkboy22 View Post
While we're on the topic of selling, Punk/Ryback. No. Just no! I hated that match. Hated it watching it live. Couldn't get into the match at all. Why? Piss poor selling. The selling was fine on Punk's end. It's Ryback who stank up the joint. I can't understand why Punk would even allow Ryback to just get back up like that after repeatedly hitting him in the leg with the chair. I had it at 2 stars but fuck it! ★1/2 And that's mostly for the awesome ending.

Another important aspect of selling- GETTING TO YOUR FEET. Once you get to your feet and begin your firery comeback that's when the selling ends cause that's when the heat segment ends cause that's when it's time to send the fans home with your babyface comeback.

If you notice most matches, when the babyface gets to his feet (after a heat control segment) he may start throwing punches and in between he will hold the arm (if it was the arm being worked) and the heel would just yank it and get him back down. That's the basic short comeback there. There's more complex ways to do it but at the end of the day, the ensures that the babyface gets back down on the mat and starts back selling.

From the moment you get to your feet and start doing jumping jacks, then you've broke the illusion and my disbelief is no longer suspended. Which was the case of Ryback. Punk's working that leg like a motherfucker and Ryback gets up and begins a fiery comeback. When you do that (as we saw with Punk last night) you then have to re-work the heat segment to try to gain the babyface some sympathy. It's stupid and it's bad storytelling imo and is one of my biggest irks in pro wrestling.

Despite being one over motherfucker, Ryback still has a lot of work to do. I'm not a critic of his in-ring work because he can't go 20 minutes. Please, that means fuck all at this point. I'm not a fan of his work for that bullshit he pulled last night. And again, why would Punk allow it? He had to re-work his entire segment and in the end the chair shots to the leg were more aesthetics because it really had no impact on the match whatsoever. It's just a bad match in my books.
Disagreed. It's Ryback. He's been booked as an absolute monster and I don't think Punk's offense was that focused that it required a great deal of selling. I'll concede Ryback's selling could've been better but I didn't think it was atrocious or a massive detriment to the match.
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