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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Backlash Feedback

Mighty fine opening video package here, did just the job in hyping all the major goings on for the show, pleasantly surprised to see Kenny/Lito even make it with the big guns.

Strong contest to begin with and has been probably one of the most blossoming storylines recently on Raw so was always gonna be good for a hot opener. Lito really began this one strong and it made a lot of sense for him to do so following everything that’s happened. I really bought into it which surprised me as I don’t really see Lito as the type to be so aggressive. Nice way to shift momentum, clever from Dykstra and the working of the knee that followed it was well worked, particularly liked the use of the ring post. Again, nice turning of the tables, only complaint here may be that Lito seemed a little too fresh and didn’t sell the knee all that well, he was pretty nippy flying round the ring and whatnot but that’s me nitpicking I suppose. Really clever use of Torrie following this little period. I expected her to be a factor and her putting Dykstra’s foot on the rope was great, Lito was never winning just like that!

Everything really began to pick up pace from that point on as Lito turned up his intensity while Dykstra looked to finish things and it was a good mix. The mid air STO was beautiful from the champ, thought that might’ve finished it. Ending was very anti climatic, must admit BUT it made a whole lot of sense and was certainly the smart thing to do from a booking point. Dykstra had to retain but Lito also needed a strong showing. Aftermath was again, very clever. Lito really needed that following a frustrating night to give him something coming out of this and a rematch is certainly on the cards, good opening.

Hmmm, I sense shenanigans are still in order despite Linda and Steph.

Pretty standard stuff with Jeff here, I’ve no doubts the match will be a gooden.

Fast paced, enjoyable opening to this tag contest and that’s exactly what I was hoping for/expecting when it comes to Punk and Benjamin. Some solid displays of team work from both sides and Dinsmore looked fairly impressive during his opening spell, liked the running knee from Punk into a spinning spinebuster from Dinsmore, nicely worked. Then came the isolation of Punk and this is where we really began to see just why the champions are the so called ‘World’s Greatest’, picking apart the Straight Edge star with some textbook tag work, the distraction from Haas allowing Benji to drop him across the barricade a prime example. Tags are made and I must say I was REALLY surprised at how strong Dinsmore looked here and throughout the match. Really took it to both the champions, expected it to be Punk’s role rather than Dinsmore.

Honestly thought we were gonna get new champions when Dinsmore and Punk had Benjamin up for the Doomsday Dropkick but by any means necessary from Haas saving the day. Ending was cleverly done. Dinsmore again looking really strong in making Benjamin tap out only for the distraction AGAIN and ultimately Benjamin steals it. Good ending to an unsurprisingly strong contest. Real showing in particular from Dinsmore tonight.

Standard stuff from Van Dam here. All I do know is that he’s definitely not gonna get his one on one, straight up match he’s hoping for.

Surprised to see this go on right after the tag title match, expected them to be spread out a bit but we’ll see how it works out. Really hot start for the faces, particularly Kidd who was flying around as he knows best. Enjoyed Masters picking apart Kidd midway through this, I think having the powerhouse up against the high flier is a nice mix instead of the expected Smith/Masters, Kidd/Nitro action. Bearhug was real sweet from ‘Piece, nice job with the counter though by Kidd, again the dynamic being the key factor there. Ending took me by surprise a little bit as I didn’t expect it so soon however it was well worked. Masters locking the Masterlock on Natalya was harsh but made sense and the right call in having the Legacy win on their PPV debut with a nice showing. Nothing fancy but done your job here regarding this one.

Aftermath was a nice little touch, the falling out of the new MNM appears to be reaching closue, hope to see it soon. A face run for either guy may spruce them up a little bit.

Very, VERY nitpicky of me but all the matches thus far have had a similar start with the faces taking the opening exchange and this one had Hardy delivering a low angle dropkick whilst Kidd did the same thing in the opening of the tag. It’s me being silly I’m sure but I do it myself and just thought maybe to mix it up. Hardy really was on top right from the get go here and it showed just how determined he was to make his mark and take the case, the diving clothesline from the barricade was very Hardy esque. Clever heel work from Orton following this, I’m a fan of when they get out of dodge and leave the ring so liked this and the dropkick off the springboard was beautiful.

The slowing down of the pace from Orton was understandable and the right thing to do, picking apart Jeff and the trademark chinlock was expected while Hardy’s little comeback sequence was nicely written, whisper in the wind’s always a thumbs up from me, enjoyed that. Again, really good use of Orton with the rolling out of the ring only to get caught AND THEN he takes it out on the ref, really clever stuff there, makes him look an even bigger dick for again avoiding and denting Hardy. Expected things to pick up with the ref bump and they did but I did feel the ending was a little bit flat, I don’t know why, it just felt a little bit simple, which is fine but I know you’re far from ever going the simple route. Twist of Fate, awesome, Swanton misses, ok can live with that but then we just get an RKO right from that. Thought Hardy would give a little bit more, maybe fight it off one more time, a counter here, a counter there and THEN RKO is nailed. Didn’t really do a whole lot for Jeff with the finish BUT it was a solid contest and again the correct booking with Orton retaining and looking smart throughout. Sense that one, if not both of these guys will head to SD in the draft.

Strong interview with Cena here. Could feel the intensity and passion in him, getting the message across loud and clear for the main event.

Awesome video package for this, ‘nuff said.

Perfect way to start, just a face off is more than enough to set the scene for this one and the blows right from the get go was definitely the right way to go, nothing fancy needed just a fight from the off. Surprised Trips went for a cover so early, must admit, doesn’t seem to be the type of match for that right away. Big guns came out right away and that’s what I anticipated, trash cans, steel chairs, the kitchen sink to follow I’m sure! Just what this match required. Loved the little passage of Michaels wrapping the cable round Trips throat, the vicious manner, J.R’s commentary as well as the portrayal of HBK’s emotions or lack of were great.

Awesome stuff with the ‘biblical’ line from Styles here, just another reference to how twisted Michaels has become and the assault that followed was absolutely brutal. No surprise the blood came here, just ouch. Trips comeback was nicely done, a low blow was pretty much the only way out to be fair and the Pedigree through the announce table would’ve definitely got a ‘Holy Shit’ chant going, no doubts. Once both men were back inside the ring it got even better I felt. Nasty steel steps shot from Trips and I thought he’d build from that but Michaels response was just evil, epitomised his character. The use of the steel chair, going from a stiff shot to the elbow drop onto it on the ankle was just sick. J.R’s commentary again, as Michaels goes for the Figure Four, was fitting.

‘I don’t want ‘im to quit, I want ‘im to suffer’, another epic line in this thing that portrays Michaels as the sick SOB that he is. Figure Four reversal made sense although I don’t think Trips leg would’ve held out to be honest so I’m glad it didn’t last long at all. WOW, thought this was over with after the SCM but Trips kicks out!! And then Michaels kicks out the Pedigree!! After that I knew the ending was gonna HAVE to be brutal and fuck me, wasn’t it just? Brilliant, brilliant ending. The sledgehammer comes out to play and everything here was on point, Trips signature weapon being used by his former best friend turned nutjob who SMASHES it over his skull following a DX crotch chop, doesn’t get much better. Michaels comes out of this looking like a million dollars in this biblical, sinister, whackjob role he’s playing, definitely the best character going right now.

Aftermath with Steph was great, really plays up just what we witnessed and the cross on Trips chest was just eerie, would give me chills watching that if I saw it, loved it.

Ahhhh clever, very, very clever. Vince gets his way in sickening circumstances but the boss stays back to ‘look after the show’. Brilliant.

Women’s match was decent for the time it got and was very surprised to see Beth take the title. Fully expected Mickie here whilst Victoria and Beth kinda cost each other but you swerved me. Gotta be honest and agree with Wolfy here, struggled to get into it following the No Holds Barred. Not really your fault as nothing probably would’ve done after that one. Looking forward to seeing how this thing develops heading out of this however.

Strong video package here again, not quite on the HBK/Trips level I felt but still a good recap for us. Cagey was a good word for the opening here and I think it was the right way to go, allowing the two top dogs to kinda feel each other out. Van Dam came on strong though once we got going and the offense on the outside was well worked, can imagine Van Dam having the support in this one for moves like this he produces. Beautiful sequence on the outside again involving the steel steps, showed off RVD’s athleticism while giving Cena a really kind of ‘Oh wow’ moment. Bit of a turning point in the contest there and Cena really looked strong following this point, Van Dam seemed to have no answer and it kinda played into the ‘Can Van Dam beat Cena question?’ Cena definitely appeared to me to be more in the heel role for this thing, the way you described the mixed reaction as well as his frustration at times, Van Dam showing his will to win staying in it was nicely described.

Van Dam fought back well and his little passage on the front foot was enjoyable, the Van Terminator is always a move to go wild for and I’m sure it woulda got a huge pop. Exchange of pinfalls again gave it a real big time, neither man able to really get on top of the other. STFU from Cena and I senses shenanigans at this point…but didn’t get it. Definitely surprised me but again showcased Van Dam’s will to survive, to win with the dragging back to the middle followed by him finally getting the bottom rope, again showing Cena’s frustration. Cena going to the top rope? Never gonna end well, good way for Van Dam to get right back into things with a trademark high risk move, suited Van Dam down to a tee.

Very up and down again from that point, both men having their share of the upper hand. Kick out from the Frog Splash was a shocker although kindaaaa expected as we hadn’t seen you know who and right from that we get what we expected. Brutal stuff from Lashley here, the Dominator through the announce table was a little unexpected as we saw a table spot earlier but certainly showed the power of the ‘Real Deal’. Really, really shocked that Cena recovered so quickly, really didn’t expect that and the kick out from Van Dam rivalled Cena’s kick out of the Frog Splash. Van Dam comes on strong to close it and retains in a strong back and forth to finish things. Surprised we didn’t see more of a reaction from Vince afterwards looking on, he kinda just went away like that following Shane and B-Lash demise, thought he might stick around to see the closure but that’s me being petty. Really engaging main event and I think really said a lot about Van Dam, the way he held out in many desperate situations while taking on the boss and the main man in Cena to hold onto his gold, good stuff.

Really solid show here mate. Two main event matches were excellent, Michaels/Trips stole the show whilst Van Dam/Cena was a different yet just as effective contest that leaves all the more to come I’m sure involving the McMahon’s and Lashley. Undercard was all decent-good, particularly enjoyed the I.C title clash while Orton/Hardy was strong. I’m sure that as we build further towards Summerslam the mid card are gonna really build up and things can only get better the way I see it. Well done again here.
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