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Re: What's the BEST things & the WORST things about TNA?

Originally Posted by dastardly View Post
I know everyone keeps saying they need to get out of the Impact Zone and while that's true, it isn't happening any time soon.

However, I really hope they use the 4-6 week break in filming to renovate the place. Not just a lick of paint and a new lighting rig, but a completely new, innovative, distinctive look.

Then THE MOST IMPORTANT thing they need to do is fill the place with fans - genuine wrestling fans who know the stories and wrestlers, and get rabid at the right points. How they would do this I don't know, but the IZ crowd is one of the major negative issues of being in the Impact Zone IMO.

(Posted because one of the "worst things" mentioned by the OP was bored crowds chanting "What?" It seriously pisses me off SO MUCH! If they can stop people smoking in there or mooning the camera etc, they can surely stop people chanting, "What?" Zero tolerance - as they go in get told anyone chanting "What?" will be immediately thrown out. It's annoying enough as it is, but the fact that the morons usually do it in the middle of great promos (Roode gets it a lot for some reason, as does Aries) is ball-gratingly irritating).
Yeah they are not leaving the Impact Zone any time soon. Which is fine but they 100 percent need to completely change the stage set. Agree no more paint few lights update. That stage is so bloody messy with zero theme to it. They have had it for like 4 years now. Came in 2009. Before hogan that came in 2010.

Something that can actuely represent that brand a bit. Hell i think the best option is to make 2 simple separate stahe set. One simple but unque one that goes up for ppv and special events. Another for weekly wrestling shows. Its not hard to make different cheap ones that stand apart.

Anyways like you said.They have zero wrestling events in the impact zone from jan 13th until after lockdown march 10.So thats over 6 weeks.More then enough time to get it done. I guess dixies going to be spending a lot of money in the next 3 months. Paying for lockdown and everything in the UK then hopefully a new stage.

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