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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by AthenaMark View Post
LMAO. I don't know if you know this or not but no one talks like the Rock period. No Man talks like that? No fucking kidding. No man talks like Austin does either. Or the Undertaker. Or Hogan. Or Jericho. Or like Punk with his insider reference to make it seem like he cares about his peers event though his pay check got bigger while they got squashed out and he did nothing about it.

Have you really missed my point or are you just being obtuse?

Talking like the Rock character does only works if the lines are very funny or creative.. If the lines don't really work then it is harder to overlook the fact that nobody actually talks like that and the presentation of the character begins to verge into the ridiculous.

I never said Rock couldn't or shouldn't continue to talk in the manner that he does. Rock's bread and butter on the mic has traditionally favoured entertainment over realism anyway, and he has generally been very successful with it. My point was that his put-down lines of late have been pretty unfunny (at least compared to my memory of him in the Attitude Era) and I suggested that he should get more creative or else get serious.

Do you really disagree? What I said wasn't designed to be controversial. Do you actually think Cookie-puss and Kung Pao bitch are witty or funny?

Several other top mic workers over the years chose to speak in a more realistic manner than Rock and managed to come across as closer to being real people, rather than obvious characters.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with either direction as a style choice, but you cannot deny that there is a distinction. Lumping a bunch of highly regarded mic workers in together as if there are no stylistic differences between them, displays a pretty superficial understanding of what goes into the art of the promo, unless, as I said, you were being deliberately obtuse.

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