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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

Alex Jones Approved.

People getting up and doing the same routine day after day, not caring (or atleast not putting enough thought into) what they are doing. People that just take life as it is. Doesn't ask any questions, just lives in there own world and own bubble. I don't know if it is that they use God as an excuse (and believe me I'm not trying to turn this into any sort of religious conversation) but there are still QUESTIONS in this universe that we don't know the answers to

Society today is fucked up. Everybody is only concerned with the newest movies out, the hottest accessories, the coolest music..etc....completely engulfed in pop culture. there are no more real thinkers anymore. It seemed like for a moment humanity and society was advancing from the 1500s to 1900s but nowadays it seems like we are getting dumber.

I could not imagine growing up as a teenager now a days. (Granted, I'm 21 so I just made it out alive.) Can you imagine getting shunned because of your dislike of Justin Bieber? Not a fan of Twilight? Don't wear skinny jeans and smedium t shirts? Outcasted. Your an outcast now mutherfucker, congradulations. You go against the grain. You have no friends, but who needs friends anyways? Especially when all they are going to do is drag you down, be annoying and sing stupid pop songs.

Meanwhile the government and the devil worshipers are taking every right you have from you right before your eyes, restricting civillization and the unwashed masses into dumbing down society and doing whatever they say out of fear. Freedom will be a word not spoken in the near future. They are posioning your foods and selling them to you at outragous prices. They put lead in your toys. You think this is accident??

I'm talking about high levels of arsenic in your apple juice, I'm talking bout aspartame in your sprite. Meat glue in your steaks. You probably don't even know what the fuck I'm saying right now...

Society is brainwashed and you all need help. I suggest by enlightening yourself ASAP. A few good references (you can google them):

-The Zeitgeist (watch the WHOLE movie for maximum elightenment)

-Alex Jones, his radio shows and websites prisionplanet.com and infowars.com

-VigilantCitizen.com (reveals a plethora of subliminals in the media and pop culture that goes unnoiticed everyday by you, unwashed masses )

-MK Ultra (a covert, illegal human research experiment for "behavioral modification" (in other words, brainwashing!) Conducted by none other than the CIA in the 1950's!

A few good movies for you to watch

The Matrix

The Matrix 2

The Matrix 3

Furthuremore, the question still remains. Why are the masses so unwashed and is there any hope left for society? I would like to see peoples stances on this very subject.

The question stems from my excitement to tell everybody I know that the new rover landed on mars, and that basically everybody I told didn't give a shit and were more wrapped up in their own lives or other unimportant issues not pertaining to life itself, to actual sit back and comprehend this information, that this is a breaktrough in space technology, and is a big step forward for humanity to answer QUESTIONS. Questions we do not know the answers of, like can Mars sustain life, or has it ever once sustain life, water on mars etc..and nobody really cared for these questions to be answered, and went about their life. Like they only would care if it found an alien or something, because aliens are on TV/movies and are soooooo cool.

Rant end.
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