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Re: 1995: The year in prowrestling that sucked tremendously

I agree, 1995 had to be the most boring year ever.

Hulkamania flopped in WCW
Diesel had probably the most boring title reign ever
WM 12 was horrendous
Nothing in WCW made much sense

However, it did produce Nitro and in retrospect, ECW was getting it's foot in the door with talent and angles that all would play a big part in the business over the next 2 years (Austin, Cactus Jack, adult oriented storylines). I think at that point, both WCW & WWF were throwing shit on the wall to see what would stick. It's like both companies knew what they wanted to do but didn't know how to make it happen. For WCW, it was a blessing for Hall & Nash to sign. For WWF, it was a blessing that Russo was a breath of fresh air and a different breed of writer.

But yeah, 1995 had to be the worse (especially for Vince) and I can't see how anyone can say that 2012 was worse than 1995. What would you rather have: Cena main eventing with quality opponents or Diesel main eventing with Mabel & Sid?

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