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Re: this is a wrestling forum, not a dating site. keep it in your pants weirdos.

You have joined Roxy723's chat as Guest15012.
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Topic: 50 tokens for a flash of your choice ! Super excited for privates tonight !

Roxy723: hiiiii !
Humlover: sup roxy
Roxy723: hii humlover !!
Humlover: how are you doing
Roxy723: great !
Humlover: not great enough to talk though LOL! xD
acer09: hey bb hru may i see your feeT?
Roxy723: okay ? haha
acer09: wow
acer09: sexy
Humlover: i bet your ass would look amazing in some yoga pants
Roxy723: yes they do
Humlover: i would love to see it
Roxy723: hehehe, maybe soon !
Humlover: your such a huge tease its killing me
Roxy723: good !
RainOverMe1: so you can't talk to me tonight?
Roxy723: I can, just in the middle of getting ready for privates !
RainOverMe1: Ohhhhh really?
Roxy723: yes !
aj4422: what are your privates like? dos and donts?
postalmafia: the People's Ass has spoken.. NICE!
Roxy723: I dont do anal, or cam2cam (nasjayz is disappointed)
Roxy723: and I dont have any toys yet !
Roxy723: but everything else, I do
MFCbadboy78: I saw you shaking your ass yesterday...fucking amazing
Roxy723: heheheh, good !
MFCbadboy78: I love how tight your ass is
MFCbadboy78: and those breasts are just perfect
Roxy723: thank you !
MFCbadboy78 has tipped Roxy723 50 tokens.
Roxy723: thankk you MFCbadboy78 ! what would you like to see ?
MFCbadboy78: I would love to see that bare ass bending over if I could
MFCbadboy78: that would drive me insane
MFCbadboy78: AWESOME
Roxy723: hehehe, thank you !
MFCbadboy78: I could think of a few things to do with that
MFCbadboy78: that smile is infectious
Roxy723: thank you !
Roxy723: Dont forget to follow me on twitter ! there you can talk to me & see me all you want ! @roxybabe723
MFCbadboy78: not the same as having you here. you are so fucking HOT
Roxy723: thank you !
Roxy723: Someone go private with me !! i wanna take these clothes off


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