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Re: Comics and Graphic Novels Vol. 2

Originally Posted by virus21 View Post
Kaine was the first attempt to clone Spidey. He had all of Spidey's powers only magnified and because the cloning process was flawed, he started to degenerate. He became a vigilante for a while, even killing Doc Ock. Though after a while, he started to go nuts. After mutating during Spider-Island he was cured and is now the new Scarlet Spider.

And Yeah, fuck em. I'll say it again, whats happening with Spidey in my sig is more interesting than the comics right now
I got I think Scarlet Spider 2-or-3, and the one-shot Minimum Carnage, where he worked with the current Venom. Guy definitely has more a vigilante mentality from what I read. Kinda wish they stuck a little closer to the original Scarlet Spider design, or combined the old and current designs.

Probably gonna follow the new Spider-man series for a little, just to see how bad it is. And when the hell did Spidey start wearing Tabi-boots?!

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