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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

This got me loads of green rep. I think I talked about it last May. Thread got locked or else I'd just quote from it.

Hey, you want to know why the ADR character isn't working?

It is a very simple 3 parter:

1. There is no reason for his wealth

2. He never uses his wealth. Ever see him buy a beatdown? The Kevin Nash thing would have been perfect. To rub it in Punk's face, show ADR giving Nash two stacks of cash and telling him "You know what do." See him buy a ref lately? Use his money to mock a character with public advertising? Purchase bodyguards and goons? Flaunt it with say, a zoo and show off a tiger or something? Scarface ANYBODY!? He's a billionaire who doesn't spend money.

3. His character does nothing truly repellant

Well, you make him a drug dealer and all those problems go away. 1, you explain the money. 2, you have 1001 storyline possibilities for him to spend the money on. 3, it would be spectacular for him to be a Mexican drug kingpin just smashing crowds in the face with his wealth while mocking them for being the drug-addled rubes who line his pockets.

See, Mohammed Hassan, that was bold. That was brash, arrogant and offensive. But you know something?


ADR as a drug kingpin could be a monumental heat magnet. But nah, creative pussied out. They've got no competition so safety and complacency kicked in. Why make 100 million with a risk when you can make 20 million without sticking your neck out? See, it would be a hot, topical way to make a megaheel, but how would Mattel respond to that? What would the shareholders think? Would it hurt Linda McMahon's asinine political aspirations?

Shareholders and deal-making have creatively hamstrung and castrated the company.

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