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Re: Post your best work on this Forum

Originally Posted by SVETV988_fan View Post
Secondly, I don't think anyone said that everyone on this Forum are 15/16 year olds. I can only guess that the reason people think this is because you go after easy targets instead of being enough of a man to stand up to someone that can dish it back.

Thirdly, i'm not hiding behind other posters. I just found that behavior unbecoming of someone in their 30's with a gf. Hence why I asked.

and last but not least, the funny thing about that is.. I never once mentioned your gf aside from asking you if she knew about the accusations that were made toward you. You're the one trying to shove this fact down my throat as if that's suppose to mean anything outside of your apparent insecurity issue.

I got shit on for many things on this Forum, but at least I didn't go around bragging about having a gf when I had one. That's even more lame than defending John Cena on a Wrestling Forum.
the 15/16 year old comment was in reference to another poster who implied that I pick on posters who are half my age. fact is I wouldn't have a clue how old most of the posters are. it wasn't that long ago I had a back and forth with Anark who is also in his 30's I believe. Hardly an easy target.

the whole mentioning my gf thing is really just to wind people up, as well as the working out thing, it's really only been lately I've realised how worked up people get over it. If people didn't get so upset about it I probably wouldn't do it as much. It's funny to me.

defending john cena is pretty lame though, so is idolising some youtube guy who probably doesn't give a fuck about you, especially since he just happens to be that annoying fuck in your sig.

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