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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

It's laughable that people have to resort to "ROCKY OWNED PUNK!" or "PUNK OWNED DWAYNE!" or some shit like that. They both complimented each other well and did a great job of making their feud very heated in just one night off of just one promo. It wasn't just Punk's delivery/content or Rock's delivery/intensity, it was BOTH. If you say Rock owned Punk, you clearly have a problem with Punk and/or you're just overly obsessed with Rock. If you say Punk owned Rock... well, just switch the names around in the last sentence. I do hope that those saying it are just trolling and don't truly believe that's what the product is about.

I personally feel Punk was better last night, not only because he was on his A-game and delivered in all aspects of promo work, but more the fact Rock for 75% of his promo was using lines as bad as the ones Cena use. Now of course, Rock delivers those type of lines a billion times better than Cena does, and he delivers them much better than Punk did back when Punk was a face, but it doesn't change the fact it irked me a bit and made me feel Rock wasn't on his A-game for the whole promo. With that said, Rock's intensity in those last couple of minutes leading up to the Rock-bottom was other-worldly, and I hope Rock brings that intensity in all and for all of his promos in the next few weeks leading up to the Rumble.

And don't misinterpret what I said above as me thinking Punk OWNED Rock. Owning can only be truly done if the material allows it, which didn't happen last night except arguably when Rock talked about Punk's failures as the top face (though I thought it was stupid to say the fans rejected Punk when Punk got the biggest pops night in night out when Rock, Taker, and the likes weren't there and he was still making the company money in merch). I just see it as Rock had a very good night. Punk had a great night. It's got nothing to do with "owning".

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