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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
First things first, I 100% commend Punk for NOT doing 2 things I was absolutely convinced he was going to do:

2) Laugh, smile and no sell everything like Cena

The simple fact that he didn't do these things gets him a massive from me. Thank the lord. Staying with point number 2, the very fact that he stood there and didn't smile like a fucking idiot automatically puts the whole thing over as something serious to him which is absolutely what needed to happen. Big kudos to him for that.

The most important thing about this promo and something that I'd like to flag up would be the intensity they brought to the table. That was great and made for compelling TV. However, the promo didn't blow my mind like it did for a lot of people here. Sure, it was intense, but some of the content on both sides was poor. There were a lot of things I found silly, mainly Punk calling himself dangerous and Rock's most dangerous opponent ever lulz. I just can't take him seriously when he says he's going to kick somebody's ass when he has been booked like shit and when he looks like a lanky teenager when standing next to a guy like Rock. I just can't. It makes me lol. Anyways, I could sit here and nitpick on them and ultimately ruin this for myself like most of the rest of you but I'm not going to do that. At the end of the day, I came out of this wanting to see more and wanting to see the match and that's their job done.
Just shows what simple things like selling can do for a feud.

LOL admiremyclone owns all with that video.

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