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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

I was so excited about waking up this morning and watching RAW. I mean, I had to forward through a LOT of crap to get to the important stuff but it was definitely worth it.

The Rock DELIVERED and CM Punk DELIVERED in their exchange. Both men were absolutely fantastic and sold me and probably everyone else on buying the Royal Rumble. Now I'm just wondering what else they're going to do for three weeks?

The ONLY part I didn't like was Punk's promo before Rocky came out. It seemed to drag and the crowd wasn't responding to it at all. He was trying so hard for the heat but wasn't getting it. He rambled a bit and none of it was really relevant to The Rock and the feud. However, he had his game face on when The Rock came out and from there it was magic for this fan.

There was no "Dwayne" or "Phil" or "I'm here every week and you're never hear, you don't care about the fans blah blah" or any of that crap we had with Cena last year.

Punk is the long-reigning champion and he believes he's the best in the world. You can hear it in his voice; conviction and belief. On the other side of it, it was great to hear The Rock say he came back for three reasons - to entertain the fans, to stop Punk, and to win the title. In that one sentence, and with Punk holding it up after he said it and staring at it, the title became THE most important thing in the company again after playing second fiddle to Cena for a year. Phenomenal stuff, and it took all of ten seconds to elevate the belt again.

As for the idiotic people here ripping Rock's promo apart because of one or two corny lines....erm, have you guys just met The Rock for the first time or something? It's The Rock. He cuts an intense promo and throws in jokes here and there. Most work but one or two don't. The crowd eats it up every time, and the proof is in the pudding as he's a proven PPV draw in this dire climate. 99% of the fans pay to see The Rock do his thing. If he didn't do his thing, he wouldn't be The Rock. Simple as that.

And for those who say Rock's promo was crap because of one or two bad jokes...let's all go to page 3 of our hymn book and remember this nugget from the allegedly "legendary" Summer of Punk 2011:

From 5:40. Possibly the unfunniest thing I've ever seen, and absolutely cringe worthy. One could say it was....childish? No, surely not! CM Punk doesn't do childish! He does serious and intense! Nobody's perfect.

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