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Re: Tickets for Lockdown not selling well at all

Originally Posted by King_Of_This_World View Post
Wrong, TNA is Spikes best rated regular program (i.e a weekly show) all year long
Are you reading what I am saying? I said (if you could actually understand my point) that unlike the rest of the shows Spike has to pay maintenance on a live show and TNA takes up a two hour block. Of course its the highest rated show. Its also Spike's most expensive show to run on a weekly basis. Putting on a live two hour show ran from a location outside Spikes homebase every week is extremely costly to produce. The fact its the highest rated show means Spike has to pay ridiculous money to maintain it.

they also are in over 100 nations (the last figure I saw was over 120) worldwide and get paid for each of them - http://www.impactwrestling.com/news/...cast-Schedules
Do you see 120 countries there? I certainly dont. And if you read it, it says TNA broadcasts something called "TNA Classics" in certain countries. That means they have a deal in to show a few matches per week just to try and get a bit exposure. Why send me a link where it doesnt prove your point?

TNA is not 'dying' and is not going to 'die' anytime soon. Business is down, that doesn't mean they are going to go bust.
But its NOT speculation. In 2014 TNA COULD go bust. Thats simple as that. Again, Im not saying it will. But it could If Spike dont want to maintain TNA anymore, TNA couldnt afford to run without the Spike deal.

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