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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

^You'll have to wait and see, my friend. Glad you're enjoying it though

WWE Superstars
29th September 2011

Match One:
Trent Barretta vs Tyson Kidd

After leaving his partners high and dry last week, Tyson Kidd was set for some singles action against a very game Trent Barretta. As he entered the arena, Kidd looked extremely frustrated, the commentators theorised that it could be down to appearing on Superstars again. Kidd started off the match by isolating Barretta's left leg and wore him down with various submission holds such as Leg Locks and a Single Leg Crab. Barretta was able to get back into the match though following some swift kicks to Kidd's head and chest. Kidd was able to turn the tables for the final time when Barretta missed a Missile Dropkick from the top rope and left himself right open for the Sharpshooter; Barretta tapping out to earn The Last Graduate from the Hart Dungeon a victory tonight.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

Match Two:
AJ w/ Kaitlyn vs Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

In what proved to be a very short match, the Bella continued their poor run of form after a botched interference from Nikki was foiled by the referee, which allowed Brie to be a sitting duck for AJ's Shining Wizard Kick, allowing the young Diva to pin the former champion and rack up an impressive win.

Winner: AJ

Match Three:
Curt Hawkins & Primo vs Local Competitors

Much like last week, some very good team work was shown from the two former WWE Tag Team Champions. After equally dismantling both unfortunate jobbers, they picked the legal man to finish off with a deadly looking Backstabber/Lariat combo much like last week to pick up the win and go 2-0 as a team.

Winners: Curt Hawkins & Primo

Main Event:
Jack Swagger vs WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella w/ Vladimir Kozlov

In the main event of the evening, it was one half the Tag Team Champions Santino Marella in action against 'The All American American'. Swagger started off the aggressor, but Santino was able to keep Swags at bay with his vast array of counters and ways of escaping moves. Swagger finally got his break after clobbering Marella with a clothesline, and afterwards used that amateur wrestling background to keep the champion down. Kozlov was in his partner's corner the whole time, but didn't get involved with the action once. Swagger started bringing out various suplexes and throws against Santino, to which there was no answer. After a series of failed pin attempts, Swagger tried to apply the Ankle Lock to Santino, but the fiesty Italian was able to roll through and send Swagger out of the ring. After Swagger re-entered with Kozlov's help, Santino hit all of his moves and was ready to set up for The Cobra, but it was at this point that Swagger grabbed Santino's ankle and had the Ankle Lock locked in in the centre of the ring and got the Submission Victory.

Winner: Jack Swagger


Friday Night Smackdown Preview
30th September 2011
Bryce Jordan Center – University Park, Pennsylvania

Just two days ahead of the ground-breaking Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View where the Smackdown brand is going to be represented very well, the blue brand rolls into the Bryce Jordan Center for what looks like an explosive show!

Mark Henry has been World Heavyweight Champion for 12 days now after triumphing over five of Smackdown's best at Night of Champions and successfully defending the title against the former champion Randy Orton last week, but in just two days he faces the toughest challenge in this title reign, and possibly his whole career... he is going to step inside Hell in a Cell to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus. Sheamus earned his shot last week after coming out victorious in a #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match against Wade Barrett and John Morrison to book his date with Henry in New Orleans. These two have been embroiled in a feud for two months - these two have gone through announce tables, ring barricades and THE STAGE at Night of Champions - and it is a huge question whether Hell in a Cell will be able to contain these two behemoths on Sunday. But tonight, what has been billed as their 'Final Confrontation' ahead of this life-changing match, is going to take place. It is going to be one final chance for both of these men to say whatever it is they have to say to the other. It may be down as just a talking segment, but knowing the history between Henry and Sheamus, talking most likely won't be the only thing on the menu.

Another man who secured himself a championship match at Hell in a Cell was the irreplaceable William Regal, who defeated Cody Rhodes in a Non-Title Match up last week to earn himself a shot at Rhodes' Intercontinental Championship in New Orleans... but it didn't go down as smoothly as that. Sin Cara, the man that Rhodes screwed out of the title at Night of Champions ran down to the ring in a critical point of the match where Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were planning to use the very same method they used on Cara, on Regal this time. Sin Cara's presence caused everyone to get distracted, and once Rhodes had his protective mask off and ready to strike Regal, he turned to admonish Sin Cara... and then turn around into a brass knuckles shot from Regal... which knocked Rhodes out cold, and Regal booked himself a date with 'The Disfigured One' at Hell in a Cell. Understandably, Rhodes isn't best pleased with this turn of events and has requested to open the show to voice his grievances to Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long.

Long was in fact busy over the weekend where he announced that long-time rivals Randy Orton and Wade Barrett were going to face off against each other again at Hell in a Cell, following Orton coming out and executing a sublime RKO to the Englishman following his failed #1 Contender's Match. Some, including Barrett, will call the attack unjustified, but many will believe that there was some reason behind 'The Viper' striking on Barrett following Barrett's comments after Orton failed to defeat Henry for the Title - most notably, referring to Orton repeatedly as 'The Worm'. In a wwe.com exclusive video posted after Raw this past Monday, Barrett appeared to have liberated a camera from WWE staff and he set out a challenge to 'The Worm' tonight. We can only assume that Barrett was referring to Orton, and he wants some of his Hell in a Cell opponent two nights early... if so, that leaves the question; is Orton ready to mix it up in Pennsylvania?

Last week, Daniel Bryan was attacked backstage by Christian and subsequently ruled out of the #1 Contender's Match (and tonight's show) and replaced by John Morrison, much to the chagrin of Captain Charisma. It is reported that Christian has been on the lookout for 'The Prince of Parkour' all day now in the arena, but given Morrison's skills in the stylings of parkour... he could be anywhere. Will Christian find his man?

Also tonight, Fighting for Freedom look to make an impact in their first match on Smackdown against Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill, and Justin Gabriel has the chance to add another win to his resumé... but he will have to knock off the devious Jinder Mahal in order to do so!

Confirmed for Smackdown:

-The Final Confrontation-
Mark Henry - Sheamus

Wade Barrett vs 'The Worm'(?)

Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes to open the show!

Justin Gabriel vs Jinder Mahal

Fighting for Freedom vs Percy Watson & Titus O'Neill

Plus; Christian, William Regal and a very distressed Teddy Long! All on Smackdown!

Expect it at the weekend
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