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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Well WWE, way to knock the ball right...

into the foul zone.

Even with the return of the GOAT, it was exactly the same old shit. Nothing but rerun matches we've seen booked time & time again over the past several months. The hyped "main event" wasn't even the main event. It was a pathetic lack-luster main event at that, with a predictable finish. And the return of the Rock, the basket they put all the ratings eggs in this week, didn't even start until the time slot was technically over. Did they really expect people to sit through MORE than three hours of absolute SHIT just for the hope that Rock MIGHT come out? First of all, being a school night, all of the kids already went to bed an hour or two earlier, and that's at least, what, half(?) their audience right there. Then I suspect a significant number of viewers who were waiting for the Rock, when by 11:00, when TV Guide says the show is over, there had not even been so much as a hint of the Rock all night, these people probably tuned out at 11:00 thinking they had been suckered, that either the Rock was in fact NOT coming out, or even if he was, he would only have like 60 seconds or less before the show went off the air.

Then finally the return, and it did not live up to expectations. It did not have that epic feel we've all come to expect from Rock's returns.

The only thing about the entire show that brought even the faintest of a smile to my face was when Punk stood up for underutilized talent like Tyson, and pointed out that talent is not what gets you ahead in WWE.

So the Rock's big return bringing RAW back into the 3s?

No way.

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