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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Like I said about Punk's lines, best ever/boxing god or whatever sounds more like the type of overhyped slogans a heel character like Miz would say in the same tone of the "must see superstar of all time", completely unrealistic and not the way they want to present a serious Punk to the audience. Rock sold him perfectly but it's just too much to take seriously when he stands there in the ring with Rock who is twice his size. There's a place for everything, that wasn't the place or the situation to say it. But I took it as another part of Punk's delusional heel claims. It was definitely not even close to a best part of the promo or something. That was either Rock at the start with the "failed attempt to bring change" promo, or the awesome intense ending with the Rock Bottom.

Originally Posted by zxLegionxz View Post
So Smackdown is in Miami cool if i were booking,I would open the show with Rock coming to say hi to his family talk about the belt a bit and The Rock bottom to Cm punk at this point Punks music hits but Heyman comes out demanding an apologize from Rock for attacking Punk,they do what they do best and that is work the crowd until Rock gives him the peoples elbow,after that in the rest of the show we can have a couple of interactions with Rock and big show hell maybe a couple of segments like the one we had for the rumble in 2002 when it was him and Jericho remember the HHH,Taker,Austin segments telling him to watch out,plant a few seeds with Orton or Ryback who cares just make him a part of the show not just the beginning or the end,i hope im not getting my hopes to high
That's a great idea. They can do some Royal Rumble teasers with Orton and Sheamus like Rock did with Austin/Angle/Taker/HHH in 2002. Gives you more options for fresh segments. Rock/Heyman should happen on RAW next week IMO, but I would be fine with it on SD in Miami.

Awesome promo of Rock returning to his show:

BTW, forgot to mention it but RAW was sold out last night for the first time in months. And they also suddenly started to do some fan fest for the Rumble PPV in hope to take advantage of the magnitude of the event this year with Rock wrestling for the belt.

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