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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by God Movement View Post
I think more freedom is only one part of the story, I think it's more to do with job security when you reach a certain level. Punk can get away with saying whatever the fuck he wants because he's a talent they simply CANNOT afford to de-push, not just because he's being paid a shitload, but because he's so much better than everyone else, he cut a money promo and the fans latched onto him, they simply could not turn back after that.

To get more freedom you're going to have to prove your worth with what they give you, people like Sheamus haven't done that yet, he seems pretty awkward and uncomfortable at times with PRE-WRITTEN material, so just imagine how things would turn out when you put him in he ring with off the cuff specialists? If they gave everyone freedom it'd truly end up being a battle of the survival of the fittest and yes, we would end up with the true main event talents at the end of it all but that's not what the WWE wants apparently. Sheamus can stick in the main event because he's favored, even though he's absolute pants. Sandow will probably never get to where Sheamus is because he isn't AS favored even though by most people's estimation he's one of the top mic workers right now. I'm not sure if Ziggler's been given more freedom in all honesty, can't remember any material he's used that doesn't feel like straight pre-written stuff, but even he tends to sound weak when it comes to rebuttals in face to face promos with people like Cena.
I do agree with you. I also think it's quite a sad state of affairs when you risk being de-pushed or taken off TV though if you speak out of script etc. especially if it garners a reaction from the crowd etc. If anything, Vince and others in the back should be looking to help the superstars with cutting promos or how to come across more natural and serious etc. I mean it is the business they love after all.

I do think losing the competition like ECW and WCW has hurt the WWE in that respect though. I mean the superstars they had in the late 90s during the Attitude Era had plied their trade in ECW or WCW, the likes of Chris Jericho, Stone Cold, Mick Foley etc. and all learnt things on the way whether it is on the microphone or there styles in the ring.
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