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Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post
Sorry, but how is this possible when you are a one-shot of each? Being blocked doesn't give you another usage of that power, it's the luck of the draw.

This makes you look incredibly scummy TKOK.

Easy there lad, take a chill pill.

Nov, TKOK being blocked as he claims is supported by Doc's claims during his defence that the scum team chose to block him each night whilst Doc/LC was alive. Not too sure of this TKOK fella. re: Sterling, he hasn't posted since replacing I don't think. Must be a shit character/role if 3 people have had it and not posted much at all .

Also, obby did post the role PM and then edited out some components of it when Fitz called him on it. So, idk, something is suspect there, with obby being allowed to survive, and Fitz calling on him to edit it rather than expose it.
I would have thought it wouldn't count as using the role. I mean role block implies that the person is unable to use their role so since the role wasn't used an x-shot wouldn't be wasted.

Getting a roleblock PM is also total mod discretion.

And how about this guys. We know for a fact that the scum roleblocker visited TKOK. Voting TKOK because you think he's scum would mean that you think scum blocked themselves.

Rising and Jigsaw need to claim. I have a town result on Alco but we're trying to mass claim.

As far as the thing with obby goes I'm really expecting to see his death write up soon because it looked like quoted his role PM. I told him to edit it because it was a town PM and I didn't want him to get modkilled. He didn't edit it...
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