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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

it was really good for a first promo, but both need fresh material, specially Punk. And please, give this feud a decent storyline. Yes shooting can be good once in a while, but as Rock/Cena showed, pointless cheap shooting doesn't work. You actually need a STORYLINE. Why was Punk/Cena MITB successful? Because of the whole storyline that Punk would leave with the title, Cena might get fired, etc. The shooting actually made sense. Now they just throw two guys together to shoot at each other, whatever happened to clever booking? WWE should realize that after a while repeating the same thing gets old, you need something fresh.

It was great for a first promo, i'm just hoping they don't repeat the same stuff the next two weeks. Shooting for the sake of shooting doesn't work. The way the built Rock vs Cena was, stupid childish shooting every week, and it made no sense. What they could have done, was actually give them a decent storyline, some backstory, and a goal. But unfortunately we only got any a bit of that in their last promo before WM.

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John Cena faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania [ ]

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John Morrison wins World Title [ ]

John Cena losses cleanly [X]- Wrestlemania 28 Rock Beats John Cena

John Cena turns heel [ ]

Shawn Michaels returns for One More Match[ ]

Daniel Bryan beats a Main Eventer cleanly [ ]


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