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Re: Tickets for Lockdown not selling well at all

Originally Posted by Diesel_Power View Post
Its you who obviously has no idea what they are talking about. Most of the other shows on Spike pay to be on their channel or have a give and take type of deal. A wrestling promotion is a completely different kettle of fish from every other show. Not every show spans over two hours to increase their viewership average. Every other show on Spike gets far more ad revenue because people simply wont sponsor TNA. They have a shitty local Direct Auto Insurance deal but thats about it. Spike is all about inexpensive programming. Spike has spent 10s of millions of dollars on TNA and they arent even a profitable business. Do you think if TNA was their main priority they'd have bumped them for Bellator? Spike owns a share in Bellator, so its not even a question they are the main priority.

They dont have TV deals in over 120 markets. Thats just a lie. And in the countries they are on, they are on at an ridiculous time in the morning. All those deals internationally are subject to whether they are in business or not. And if they lost Spike they would go under.

This isn't even speculation. In 2014 TNA could die if Spike chose not to renew. Or if WWE and Spike came to terms by offering Smackdown as a lead in to Bellator and they kicked TNA off the air. I'm not saying that will happen, but there is always a strong possibility. Everyone knows it anyway, so why are you getting all defensive.
Agree with everything you said. Also on the point of TNA being the highest rated show on Spike, here is what some of the other shows on the network have been getting:

Eddie Murphy: One Night Only Special (Wednesday at 5 PM)- 1 million viewers
Ink Master (Tuesday 10 PM)- 1.5 million viewers
Tattoo Nightmares (Tuesdays 11 PM)- 1.4 million viewers
Bar Rescue (Sunday 9 PM) - 1.2 million viewers
Auction Hunters (Wednesdays 10, 10:30 PM)- 1.1 million viewers
MMA Uncensored Live (Thursdays)- 500,000-700,000 viewers
World's Worst Tenants (Tuesdays at 10:30)- 800,00-900,000 viewers

Impact didn't have a good 2012 in terms of viewership. And TNA costs Spike a lot more than any of these other shows do. Spike spend a lot on TNA. Even some of the top TNA talent are paid for by Spike. When it doesn't yield the results they want, what will they do? They cut it off. If Spike cuts TNA, I don't know how they would survive. TNA is only alive because of Spike. They don't have a massive PPV revenue, they don't earn much through ticket sales. They could get another TV deal, but it would most likely be a pretty shitty deal.
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