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Re: Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Announced!

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
fuckin' A. It would be about time. It looks like the grass one might be a grass/fighting and the fire one will just stay fire.

I think the new legendarys look dumb (a fire bird (uh, Ho-Oh) and a glowing Elk?). However, if this means their not Dragon types, I'll be stoked for that. Wonder how many new pokemon they'll make.

What will they call the next pokemon games? Ebony & Ivory!
Grass/Fighting would be fairly awesome. The 'Fire Bird' looks a little like a Ghost/Fire type to me. (Look at the tips of the wings.) The other might be a Pure Grass type Legend. Not 100% sure there though.

Pokemon Chalk & Pokemon Cheese. 7th Generation, everything is made of some form of cheese. Rival could be called Brie.... I have too much time on my hands

3DS? They're still making stuff for that failure? Ugh, should have just kept making it for the DS.
I think this is just to boost the sales a little since Pokemon is such a draw in teh Nintendolandz.

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