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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

I dont see how anyone can say that 1 definitively owned the other. Punk was the heel so he was all intense and shit. The Rock was the face so he was hyping the crowd, made jokes. Punk's intensity impressed me but his content was stale IMO. Same old thing he does all the time. Pretends to be disgruntled, breaks kayfabe, blah blah. To me he seemed to talk about alot of things yet there was no link between them. He just came out and kept moving from talking point to talking point, yet none of those points really had anything to do with eachother. It was quite strange.

Rock was a bit stale with his jokes and all that pandering but i like the fact that he outlined why he came back and seemed hungry. I loved his " discount double check " after he RB'd Punk. Looks like a man on a mission. He really looks like he wants to be champion again after 10 years. He sold Punk well as a threat. Punks boxing line to me was funny. He in no way seems like he can beat The Rock kayfabe or not. So to me the line was stupid. It would be like Ziggler telling Stone Cold he was going to kick his ass. Say what? I also liked the fact that The Rock brought up that Punk has said he was going to change the E and be the voice of the voiceless and all the things that happened in the Summer of Punk, but it all ended without any resolution. That to me was the most impressive thing about the promo. Rarely does a face aside from Cena talk about a heel's failures on a personal level.It felt real. Punk said he was going to kick his ass but Rock really touched a personal nerve with that one and that is more impressive than a simple " im gonna kick your ass" line to me. That was cool. Cookie puss was stupid. I didnt know what it was. It does kind of look like Punk though lol. All in all Punk had some good moments and some bad, while the Rock did some silly jokes. I prefered the Rock but he wasnt spectacular. Both men were blehh IMO. But not too bad.

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