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Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

I know a lot of people here probably don't give a shit, but I thought I'd post this anyways. Both are for the 3DS only and are in complete 3D as far as I am aware.

Starters have been announced, and the two legendary mascots of the games are both seen in the announcement video posted on the official Pokemon Youtube Channel.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=4bIrWryFc7A (Link to the video if the Embed fails.)

I know I'm gonna sound like a kid, but I can't help but get a little exited about the prospect of a complete new set of games with a whole new set of Pokemon in it.

Pokemon of the Week #1 - Maractus
Pokemon of the Week #2 - Typhlosion
Pokemon of the Week #3 - Shiftry

Pokemon of the Week #4 - Ludicolo
Pokemon of the Week #5 - Swellow
Pokemon of the Week #6 - Aggron
Pokemon of the Week #7 - Magikarp
Pokemon of the Week #8 - Scizor
Pokemon of the Week #9 - Blastoise

Friend Codes

el dandy - 1392-4618-6858
Sensesfail - 2492-4113-6133
JJJ - 5214-9902-1248
united_07 - 1091-8453-0362
Sephiroth - 0688-6650-8884
Obby - 3497-0008-5939
LateTrain27 - 2148-8195-9257
Carlito_mfc - 0189-8826-2627
Desecrated - 5129-1511-9104
TheUMBRAE - 0018-1482-7007
BLEACH - 1521-3717-5177
Bobby Zeal - 2277-7389-4903
Make_The_Grade - 3265-5815-3163
KO Lariat - 2938-7571-4375

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