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Re: Ryback Helped By WWE Officials Backstage After TLC Match

Originally Posted by The-Rock-Says View Post
This ever going to win the big one? You can't keep giving him title chances and him failing. Fans will start to turn.
WWE never planned to put him over. He was a filler to take John Cena's place when he got hurt. Since then, they've just been looking for a way to write him out of the main event and have been having him lose to Punk repeatedly and get killed by The Shield repeatedly.

Unless my memory's failing me, the tally is now:

3 straight losses to CM Punk, and has been put through at least 5 tables by The Shield that I remember right now. Maybe have been another occaision I'm forgetting. Has also been beaten down to the point he's unable to fight back against The Shield on another 2 occaisions (no table spot involved). Oh yeah, and hit in the balls by the pussiest character on the roster too. All in the course of about 2 1/2 months.

So basically every other week on average, Ryback is getting destroyed.

Unlike many annoying doomsayers, I have had zero impression he was winning the Rumble. Absolutely not a favorite based on how WWE has booked him thus far. He will get eliminated by Ziggler or some other much weaker wrestler mid-match. Won't even be final 3.
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