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Re: Official The Rock vs. CM Punk Discussion Thread

The single most fascinating thing about this feud truly is the contrast in styles.

Punk's idiosyncratic nature, his off the cuff promo deliveries, the passion he exhumes is a personality trait that the Rock never had to deal with. He represents a new wave of wrestling culture that puts focus on in-ring performance and realism rather than showmanship and a larger than life image. He's breaking a wall that has held his peers at bay for years, and he's become a the longest champion in recent memory at a time when storyline changes happen on a dime. He's desperately trying to usher in a new era, and the legacy of his title reign will undoubtably be affected by the outcome of the Rumble match. If he wins, he has cemented his legacy as the only wrestler to defeat the Rock since Bill Goldberg in 2003, instantly etching his name amungst WWE's legends. It would also forward his title reign which could only be a good thing. If he loses, he just lost to a part-time star that likely won't be around much in the coming years, the momentum he's built up comes to an end. If Punk stands for something in today's WWE climate, it's that the new crop of athletes can be a worthy succession to the great era's of the past, it's important for CM Punk to hold his own against the Rock if only to prove that the future is immediate.. something Cena couldn't do.

The Rock's tongue twisting natural charisma is a throwback to what once catapulted the WWE to unseen successes. He's the very embodiment of the perfect prototypical superstar. The Rock's involvement with anyone instantly raises that person's status, but a new movement in wrestling will never break through if the best thing were getting is what once worked in the past. The Rock wants to fulfill his desire to win the championship and headline Wrestlemania once again. It's something that he needs to do in order for his journey to come full circle.

What makes this dynamic so great aside from the things i've mentioned in my previous posts is that there's absolutely no telling who's going to come out with the belt. Both guys could come out on top, and both scenarios could benefit the WWE greatly. Now is a time when you're witnessing two worlds collide, two guys at the very peak of their talents trying to show the predominance of everything they represent. It's the basic battle between good and evil with profound undertones and implications. On the surface level, the Rock is the embodiment of the people's champion representing the WWE Universe and singing their praises, while the sinister CM Punk tries to crush their spirit. This feud could work wonders in telling a story to both the casual audience that prefer suspending their disbelief, and it works for those that want their feuds to have realism, meaning and merit behind them. This feud is incredibily multilayered.

Anyway. I really enjoyed their encounter tonight. It's absolutely the right move to let these guys be themselves with the volume turned way upThe tension, the chemistry and the intensity was there in ample amounts to accomplish exactly what it needed to do. This is far more engaging than the Cena feud because both guys here actually have alot on the line, and both guys are masters of the mic in completely different ways. They certainly proved that tonight by clicking on all cylinders.

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