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Re: What would it take for RAW to go back to TV-14?

I honestly don't think the lack of TV-14 is the problem. The only stuff that TV-14 prevents are: blood and sexual references. None of those are necessary to entertainment. I'll admit that Rock made hilarious sexual references, but it wasn't necessary. In fact, when Austin and Rock were gone, the sexual references were done just for the sake of it, and arguably ruined the product: Katie Vick storyline with HHH and Kane, Edge/Lita 'screwing' in the middle of the ring. The controversy wasn't worth the cash, cuz there was no cash resulting from it. And WWE does not need the Kiss My Ass club, or Trish barking like a dog.

So that's it, just blood and sexual references. And the blood isn't necessary for a great match either.

The fact that Cena always says and does the right thing, and acts humble, is still just Cena, and no one else. (And its what makes the most popular wrestler today stand out) And its not TV-14, its WWE wanting to show parents/media a clearly definable good guy. Do Punk, Orton, Sheamus, or Ziggler need to go to TV-14 to be great at what they do?

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