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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Im so fed up with WWE bs. Is Vince really just going to sit there and let his shitty roster degrade Dwayne for the rest of his time in WWE? I just can honestly fathom that after cutting epic promos in the Attitude Era now all the current roster guys know him as is a guy who needs notes/promoters and call him out every chance they get, am I the only one appalled by this? Its a serious probably when a scrub like Ziggler thinks he can say whatever he wants.

We all sit here and talk about how hes gonna bury the roster but its NEVER going to happen, hes going to keep being this lame new "inspirational" Rock while he lets everyone walk all over him, this Rock sucks!!!!!!!!!! I want 1999 Rock back were he would own anyone who even thought of talking back to him not this shitty Rock who lets guys who arent half the star he is say whatever they want.

Rock will just no sell all the insults which are probably going to get worse during his feud with Punk while cutting terrible promos. I swear as soon as 2012 hit his promos just went to crap, i think he was told to water down and he stupidly agreed. If I were Dwayne id bury the roster, win the title, never put anyone over, then just forfeit the title and never return bc the fans are ungrateful and so are the current roster.
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