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Re: Plans for D-Generation X before Shawn Michaels was injured ???

- X-Pac joins
- Outlaws officially join
- HBK plays Foleys role at Unforgiven/Over the edge with Vince trying to screw Austin
- Vince turns on HBK after he fails twice (like he did Foley) making HBK a babyface again
- Hunter and Shawn break up and feud culminating in a Summerslam match
- Shawn would become Vinces corporate champion after all at the Series instead of Rock
- With Shawn on Vince Corporate Team, DX then turn face and feud with the Corporation
- HBK/Austin rematch at Wrestlemania 15

I'm pretty sure the plan had always been to do HBK/Austin at Mania 15 in rematch from Mania 14. But given Rocks sudden, major popularity, he might have gotten the push to become Corporate champ anyway and face Austin at mania.

Rock was always groomed to become the man. It just didn't work out the way it was originally scheduled with his first babyface gimmick. But once he turned into the Rock, it was only a matter of time, whether HBK was there or not.

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