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Re: Daniel "The Dazzler" Bryan

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
The Kurt Angle comparisons have got to stop. Yes Kurt could be a comedy character at times, but people took him 100% seriously because he was much more credible, looked more credible, had beaten some of the top talent in the business, had more charisma and intensity than Bryan could ever wish could have, and never really let his comedy side get into his matches. Bryan isn't completely serious in the ring, you're wrong KeepingItReal. Bryan's very comedy in the ring these days, just take this video for example (apologies for the bad quality):

Bryan does that practically ever match these days, along with stopping to shout ''NO'' at random times at the crowd that disrupts the pace of a match. I can't take him seriously at all when he does it, and I know I'm not the only one. Bryan's be reduced to those comedy kicks and only a few other moves in his matches these days and it's sad to see because he's such a great wrestler. You know what Bryan I could take seriously? The one who put on a match of the year quality match with Punk at Over The Limit 2012, where he wasn't be restricted in the ring and he didn't let comedy ruin his matches.
With all due respect my friend, your opinion does not equal fact, just like mine doesn't. I have a couple friends who look back on Kurt Angle's awesomeness and feel he was never really a good mic worker, just a good wrestler. That right there is why I can see just how subjective some opinions can be. What's crap to you may be amazing to many others. I think Kurt Angle comparisons are spot on and a friend of mine today just mentioned them to me as yet another person making them. The fact is Daniel Bryan is one talented individual, and he obviously possesses some kind of "IT" factor in his character or so many people wouldn't be making those comparisons and entire crowds wouldn't come alive for him, his segments, and his matches if he didn't.

Kurt Angle was someone who was seen as great in everything by the "majority" and the same can be said about Bryan at this stage in his career. It can be argued for sure but looking at crowds, merch sales, many casual fans opinions, and the majority of people on here, I'd say it's a fair comparison.

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