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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE Hell In A Cell was three weeks ago, and in the main event CM Punk defended his WWE Championship against Ryback in a Hell In A Cell match, with John Cena returning from injury to serve as special guest referee. Cena mistakenly counted Ryback's shoulders down for three, but controversy rained down on Cena when it was revealed Ryback had his foot on the rope. With Punk approaching 365 days as WWE Champion, a number one contendership match was setup between Ryback and Cena, the winner would face Punk on day 364 at Survivor Series. Punk served as referee for the match, but rather than call it down the middle he counted both men out in an attempt to avoid a title defense at all. Mr McMahon wasn't going to let this happen, and he ordered a rematch the next Monday on Raw. Cena became the first man to kick out of Ryback's finisher, but a distraction from Dolph Ziggler allowed Ryback to capitalise and defeat Cena. Punk immediately took action, striking Ryback with his title belt following the match. McMahon is no stranger to controversy at Survivor Series, and in a bid to get a clean winner at the PPV he made Punk vs Ryback a last man standing match! A contract signing between the two ended harshly for Punk, who was powerbombed through a table and left laying motionless as Ryback counted to ten. Will Ryback's amazing few months culminate in capturing the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, or will CM Punk celebrate 365 days as WWE Champion on Raw?

Also at Hell In A Cell, Sheamus's lengthy World Heavyweight Championship reign came to a crashing end when he was knocked out by Big Show. Sheamus couldn't connect with the Brogue Kick that night, but this past week on SmackDown he got a pinfall victory over Show in a tag team match using White Noise. Three weeks on from their epic fight at Hell In A Cell, can Sheamus slay the giant and regain his World Heavyweight Championship, or will Show's dominant run continue?

On the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, AJ and Daniel Bryan were to be married, only for Brian to be stood up at the alter while AJ was named Raw GM. AJ set loose the Big Red Machine, but at SummerSlam it was Bryan who got the victory in a match against Kane. Kane went on a rampage, and AJ ordered the pair into anger management classes. Unsuccessful at first, the pair eventually found mutual ground and went on to become Tag Team Champions. But at Hell In A Cell, a mis-timed kick from Bryan saw him connect with his partner, costing Team Hell No their titles. Kane snapped, dropping Bryan with a Tombstone and turning his back on his partner. Kane blamed the WWE Universe for his actions, saying that he wasn't a comedy act, and that he should be taken seriously as a dangerous monster. AJ miraculously re-appeared in Bryan's life, once again trying to win his effections months after leaving him at the alter. AJ's distractions have cost Bryan matches of late, and on SmackDown it was revealed that Kane had kidnapped AJ. Bryan and Kane go at it at Survivor Series, but what role will AJ play?

At Hell In A Cell, Alberto Del Rio scored the win over Randy Orton. Things have been personal between the pair for weeks, but Del Rio took things to new levels when he struck Orton with a car. With Orton on the shelf, Del Rio began mimicking The Viper, declaring himself the new Apex Predator. But much to Del Rio's dismay, Orton returned! The pair ended up in a backstage brawl, but following a tire-iron to the head it was Orton on the end of an RKO on top a car. Orton cannot be 100% going into Survivor Series, will Del Rio come good on his promise to rid the WWE of Orton once and for all?

Mr Money In The Bank Dolph Ziggler claims he is been overlooked by management, and has been on a quest to steal the show in every match. Two weeks ago on Main Event, Ziggler faced John Cena. After an accidental collision with the referee, Ziggler connected with a Superkick and looked set for the win, but with no referee to count the match continued. Cena went on to win, and ever since Ziggler has been angry. This culminated in Ziggler costing Cena a chance at the WWE Championship on Raw, and Vince McMahon ordered a rematch at Survivor Series to settle their differences. Will Cena get his revenge, or will Ziggler once again steal the show?

One year ago, The Miz and R-Truth were a tag team known as Awesome Truth, and they main evented Survivor Series in a match against The Rock and John Cena. Twelve months later, Miz is the regning Intercontinental Champion after regaining the title from Kofi Kingston. R-Truth put together a string of vicories, and was granted the choice of a shot at either the United States or Intercontinental Championship. Truth jumped at the chance to get one over on his former partner, and with the Intercontinental Championship on the line Miz will have to put in am impressive performance to continue on his mission to become the longest regning Intercontinental Champion of all time.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes capitalised on Team Hell No's collapse to capture the Tag Team Championships at Hell In A Cell, while Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara defeated Prime Time Players to earn a title shot. The two teams will meet at Survivor Series with the gold on the line.

Wade Barrett will look to lead his team to victory over Team Kofi in the traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match. It will be Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, Prime Time Players and Michael McGillicutty against Kofi Kingston, Team CoBro and International Airstrike.

Plus, Vince McMahon has declared he will reveal the permanent General Manager of Monday Night Raw on the PPV.

WWE Survivor Series - Sunday 18th November 2012

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CM Punk | Dean Ambrose | Mark Henry | Daniel Bryan | Dolph Ziggler

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