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Re: Your Most Hated Wrestler?

Originally Posted by Quasi Juice View Post
You're reasons for choosing HHH are unfair IMO and based on dirt sheets. HHH came up with the screwjob? Nope. He didn't make it happen either, he was a midcarder at that point. Hell, HHH was the lowest on the totem pole in the Kliq when Nash and Hall were around, and got punished for celebrating in MSG with them before they left the WWF. As for his relationship with The Rock; I've never heard really bad things about it. I'm sure HHH was jealous of Rock's popularity at one point, but he still put Rock over so it's not like he abused his power to stop Rock from being popular. And HHH is in corporate now and they've brought Rock back and put him over the biggest star of the company so I doubt HHH hates the guy. Lastly, the stories about not wanting to put over guys are rumours. Kane didn't want to be World Champ, RVD and Booker T came at the wrong time because they already knew Goldberg was coming and they wanted to keep HHH strong as the heel champ for Goldberg to beat him, which is what happened. So all in all, HHH gets a bad rep and most (ex) WWE wrestlers that are not bitter, say he's a great wrestler, likeable and loves the business.

See a guy who does deserve more hate is Hulk Hogan. If you go through his career, the amount of times he didn't put over guys and politicked his way to always being the main focus is insane.

HBK pre-2002 is a dick too, and you're right about Dynamite Kid. I only hear horrible stories about the Kid.

With HHH being in corporate and The Rock coming back is a completely different generation. I meant around 97 when Rock and Hunter were coming through and HBK was the main eventer along with Bret. As for my claim he made the Montreal Screwjob up, I may have got confused but I saw on the Hart/HBK Greatest Rivalries DVD that Hunter said he made it up
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