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~FIRST EVER WarChamber Match~

Team AOW ------v. ------The Worthy Legion
“This World is Ours”------“This World is Mine”

“The Man on the Moon” Christian Cage------AOW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho
“The One Man Army” Samoa Joe------“The Perfect Warrior” Bobby Lashley
AOW Dynasty Champion CM Punk------“The God of Destruction” Paul Wright
AOW Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson------“The God of the Future” Kenneth Doane

"Warfare is the greatest affair of the state, the basis of life and death, the way to survival or extinction."

The opening line of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” speaks almost a literal epitomy of what has happened between eight men whose feelings towards one another can only be described as ‘war tensions’.

The ‘greatest affair of the state’, or so he believes, has been none other than AOW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Since the very inception of AOW, Jericho has been in possession of the AOW Championship and has sown the seeds of something damn near a whole company takeover, the only other prize big enough to satisfy his ego. “The Puppetmaster”, among the many monikers he has acquired, began pulling the strings from day one, immediately gaining the allegiance of Paul “The Great” Wright upon his debut. But the power-hungry Master of War would not stop there. With potentially an entire takeover on his mind, he needed more pieces. Everything was going to fall into place. He only had one obstacle in his path: a little man who knew everything.

Christian Cage was never anyone’s favorite after the first several weeks of AOW, constantly looking for places to be accepted, but being refuted at every turn after he came across as some nutty conspiracy theorist regarding what he called a ‘bigger picture’ that he swore no one else was seeing. His main target was the powerful but silent Bobby Lashley. But after a Con-Chair-To assault to Lashley and dubbing himself the “Man on the Moon”, it left no doubt in anyone’s mind that Christian wasn’t just a rambling theorist – he was serious about whatever visions he was having. Then, at World Ablaze, both Chris Jericho and Christian Cage sought to have their ultimate plans unfold, but it was Jericho who was the clear winner at the end of the night, having Christian heartbreakingly exiled from the company at the hands of Lashley, who confirmed all of Christian’s theories by helping Y2J retain the AOW Championship against Rob Van Dam.

Fast forward six weeks to AOW’s second ever Supershow, A Very Merry War, the main event of which saw Chris Jericho having to pull the strings on a new challenger, Shawn Michaels. If Michaels could not win the title, he would essentially be forced into retirement. Bryan Danielson, looking to aid the man he once idolized, was negated when Ken Doane helped on Jericho’s behalf, but no one saw Paul Heyman coming in and screwing over HBK, temporarily creating an alliance with Jericho just to rid the company of Michaels. With Christian gone, RVD being driven mad, Mick Foley taken out, and Shawn Michaels permanently out of the picture, Chris Jericho had become a power monopoly in AOW.

And after driving Paul Heyman through an announce table, it seemed he had reached a level of power beyond all imaginable…

…but he immediately faced an uprising following his seemingly cemented power. For weeks, the pissed off Samoan Submission Machine had been vowing to take out the Worthy Legion one by one, starting by choking Lashley out at AVMW. The next man to raise his voice was the normally soft-spoken Cruiserweight Champion in Danielson, who went so far as to challenge Jericho for the AOW title on the first episode of the New Year, putting on the match of his life, but still coming up short. Following the treatments of Joe and Danielson, Dynasty Champion CM Punk wanted in on some of the action, declaring that he was no longer going to be a pawn in Jericho’s chess game. All of this popped up at the same time as Mick Foley returned as Acting Commander, forcing Jericho’s hand, but the ‘rebels’ kept getting one-upped at every turn…until Foley turned the tables and pulled out his ace in the hole: a returning and still equally insane Christian. And he had a new battleground that the next leg would be fought on: the never-before-seen War Chamber.

While the balance of power was indeed back in the hands of AOW, it was far from anything being solved. The rivaling personalities on the newly dubbed “Team AOW” began butting heads almost immediately, Christian refusing the fans and his ‘selfish’ teammates, as well as his title as ‘savior’, while Samoa Joe and CM Punk’s pride got them to agree to a match against one another. But through their bickering, the same woman that directly led to Christian’s downfall the first time perhaps played a role in the unification of the team, as Torrie Wilson’s beatdown at the hands of Lashley roused Christian like never before. After yet another teammwide decimation of his adversaries, Chris Jericho put his Worthy Legion on a pedestal nigh conceivable. Not dubbing them ‘god-like’, no…but literally calling each and every member a ‘god’, branding himself as the ‘God of Gods’. But later that night, divinity’s worst fear came true when Team AOW delivered a beatdown of their own, drawing blood, and proving that not only was Jericho untouchable, not only were they all intensively unified, but that the War Chamber would indeed be host to the absolute most grueling match in the history of AOW.

It’s a storm that’s been brewing since Day One. Warriors who have been at the throats since the kingdom was founded. The ghosts of battles past are what are driving both sides. But there is something more, something deeper that will be keeping every man on his feet this Sunday. Never has there been a time when ‘war’ was applicable for a contest. Two opposing armies, both with their own stories, powers, and purposes will do battle inside a structure that has been guaranteed to ensure brutality. What exactly is this contraption and what are its rules? Which team will make it out of the ‘way of survival and extinction’ – will it be the ‘Parthenon of perfection’, the god-cast of the Worthy Legion? Or will AOW finally be able to fight back and take back all what is rightfully theirs?

~The World's Greatest Challenge~
AOW Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin v. AOW Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas

Another title that has not changed hands since the very beginning of AOW is the AOW Tag Team Championships, which have been on the shoulders of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin since they grabbed them from the rafters in a Ladder match on the September 7th edition of Oblivion. And ever since then, they have done nothing but prove they are indeed the World’s Greatest Tag Team. After conquering the Hooliganz in one of the best trilogies in tag team history for those titles, they went on to defend their titles against the unlikely team of Rob Van Dam and the reigning AOW Champ, Chris Jericho. Once that was done, they were forced to defend their gold against The Mercenaries at the first ever AOW PPV, only to come away by quick thinking on Shelton Benjamin’s behalf. A few weeks later, they retained in controversial fashion against American Made. It seemed more and more evident that perhaps their grip on the gold might be slipping.

But before that slipped away, what seemed to begin slipping more than anything was their pride getting a little out of hand. After the defense against American Made, the normally business minded team found that their spouting off at the mouth getting them in a great deal of trouble when they demanded more competition. Paul Heyman gave them exactly what they asked for, forcing them to defend the Tag Team Championships in a four team ladder match between the three youngest teams on the roster – American Made, the Sons of the Dungeon, and the brutal Samoan Fight Club. Yet once again, by the skin of their teeth, they managed to walk away with the gold.

After their further cockiness got them into yet another title defense against Low Jack, the scathing address made by CM Punk earlier that night seemed to strike a chord with the WGTT, both men realizing that they were getting away from their original purpose of competition and that was respect. At the behest of Mick Foley, the uber-competitive WGTT set their sights on a challenge they had yet to conquer – themselves. Now, with no real ire between either man and with nothing but immense pride on the line, who will rise up to the “World’s Greatest Challenge” and prove to be the ‘better half’ in perhaps AOW’s most sportsman match to date – Shelton Benjamin? Or Charlie Haas?

~The Rookie Rematch~
Kofi Kingston v. Tyler Black

One of the most exciting things in all of wrestling is watching a young, budding star become solidified. Watching them find who they are and take their steps towards the spotlight and perhaps onto a long and successful career. For many men, it takes years, some their entire careers, for them to become who they will be in order to be a successful professional wrestler.

But for Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black, it took all of twenty-five minutes.

Being hyped up for only a few weeks in advance, Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black seemed to be somewhat polar opposites as far as personality and beliefs go – Kingston had the opportunity to be raised in luxury, but chose to be a common man instead, refuting his noble upbringing and coming to America to compete as a wrestler. Tyler Black, meanwhile, only refutes one thing – everyone else. Claiming that the world only sees things in ‘black and white’, Black prides himself on being on a whole other plane of thinking and not following the conventional wisdom ‘just because’. Both men’s defiant attitudes were on display on the January 9th edition of Oblivion, because for every second of their double debut contest, neither man wanted to go down. In the end, it was the higher thinking of Black that allowed him a win, but after overwhelming response, both Black and Kingston will be going at it again, this time with an entirely new stage and spotlight. The AOW rookie class of Year One has already had some impressive showings, but will this one undisputedly take the cake? Will the result stay the same? Or will the “Man with No Land” make up for lost ground?

~Finlay's Open Challenge~
*Anyone present in the arena at This is Exile is eligible

Dave Finlay has never been a man to mix any kind of words. He’s a man of action and has made sure every motion he has made in AOW follows that idea. This open invitation doesn’t seem to be any different. Of the few words Finlay has uttered in AOW, his most powerful ones involve wanting to ‘break’ the man we once knew as Rob Van Dam. Even after butting heads with Chris Jericho and rival Samoa Joe, Finlay has made it clear that what he wants to do is end the little psyche that is left of Robert Szatowski.

After falling up short on capturing the AOW Heavyweight Championship, Finlay was let known that Szatowski would be present in the front row at This is Exile. With that knowledge, Finlay opened up an invite to anyone who is present when This is Exile goes on the air to step into the ring with him and go mano-y-mano. The Man Who Loves to Fight has a plan, and it obviously involves drawing out the ‘RVD’ that might still be in Szatowski, but one can’t help but think – could Finlay be opening himself up for trouble if someone else were to take the challenge?

~6-Man Tag Team Match~
Aero Star & The Mexicools v. Carlito Colon & The Mercenaries

The 23rd edition of Wednesday Night Oblivion right after This is Exile will be host to the first round of the first ever AOW Trios Tournament. While the Trios Tournament and which three will own the crown at the conclusion may be a bit into the not-so-distant future, in the present time, there is a vicious six-man tag team match that will be contested at This is Exile that could have heavy implications in that near future, but by itself, has caused some unfortunate implications of its own.

Carlito Colon hasn’t even been in AOW long at all, debuting not long before A Very Merry War. In his first full month on the roster, Colon has tabbed himself as some kind of ‘Latino savior’, so says Joey Styles. He almost immediately expressed his displeasure of the featuring of The Mexicools of playing into the Hispanic-American stereotype. The Mexicools responded by playing pranks and mind games on the newcomer, which led to ‘lito seeking some hired guns in The Mercenaries to get rid of them. With the ‘cools possibly off of his mind, Carlito turned his attention elsewhere to the Mexicool’s good friend, Aero Star, who Carlito saw as another disgrace after parading and jumping around in a lucha mask. But, in a key tag team match with the Mercs against the Mex’s, the Mexicools managed to get the upset victory with a little help from Star and Carlito himself, setting the stage for this six-man contest.

While it is 3-on-3 on paper and in graphics, it may essentially be a 3-on-1, or in worst case, 5-on-1, as Carlito hasn’t done well to ease tensions with his own teammates at all. The Mercs are in it for the money, and as long as ‘lito doesn’t fall into debut, they’ll help him in his attempts to purge AOW of the ‘disgraces’ that he so desperately wants out. But Latin pride is a double sided sword, as the three men opposing them are more than proud to be who they are, regardless of what others think. Every single man in this match needs to get a big win here – The Mexicools need to prove they’re no fluke, Mercs need to remind everyone of how brutal they can be, and Aero Star and Carlito could both use a big PPV win this early in their AOW tenures. But who will be the team to truly break out?

~#1 Contendership for the Cruiserweight Championship~
Low Ki v. Gregory Helms

Speaking of big, breakout wins, perhaps no one on the card is looking for a big win on a big stage moreso than “The Warrior” Low Ki. The AOW cruiserweight division has been on fire, almost as hot at the tag team division has been, since the very beginning. And sometimes, guys get pushed to the back. For Low Ki, a temporary alliance with Jack Evans led to the two actually becoming the yin to each other’s yang and forming Low Jack, a respectable tag team in their own right. While never given a chance to shine, a chance meeting with Mick Foley got the two a tag team title shot which they exhibited excellent teamwork, but still came up short. Ki, meanwhile, had succeeded in becoming one of the men who had earned a place in a match for the #1 contendership for the Cruiserweight title.

Unfortunately for him, the other man to qualify was a returning Gregory Helms, the self-declared ‘best cruiserweight in the world’. Helms disappeared from Oblivion following a hard-fought defeat at the hands of Bryan Danielson at World Ablaze. A hairline fracture was to blame for part of it, but Helms showed no signs of any sort of injury or loss of intensity when he reappeared to secure his spot to perhaps get another shot at Bryan Danielson, the very man whom he has opposed with every breath of his stay in AOW.

On one side, there is the overwhelming need to break through. On the other, there is the innate need to stay on top. Which man will be able to overcome their own adversities and be the next man to step toe to toe with a man who has more than proven himself as one of the best in the world? Will it be the Warrior Code? Or will the thirst of a rival be too much to overcome?

~Tag Team Grudge Match~
The Hooliganz v. American Made

One of the keys to winning a war is using every available resource and tapping it fully. And in today’s modern times, every resource is taken advantage of completely, and if you don’t, you’re easily left behind. The Hooliganz are a pair of gentlemen that feel they have been left behind after setting the foundations for what has become one of the best tag team divisions in the world, setting up a challenge on aohdbya.com to anyone willing to take them on. This was answered in two weeks time by another team who thought they were being left behind in the patriotic duo of American Made.

Beginning over the Internet and spilling out into the Hammerstein, American Made cost Paul London a chance at being Cruiserweight Champion. There’s two teams here looking to re-make themselves after constantly falling short, but there’s only room for one –or in this case, two – at the top. Which pair of determinants will be able to notch their first PPV win in AOW?
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