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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Okay, so after never really encountering computer problems with anything booking related, the worst of the worst happened to me when I got the glorious Christmas present of This is Exile being lost. I had nearly everything written up bar a large chunk of the actual War Chamber, so I hope everyone understands why I’ll be doing this thing in recap form. No one’s as disappointed in this decision as I am, but as anyone who has done a lot of work that suddenly gets it lost will tell you, you don’t have the motivation (or time) to do it again. I also apologize for my real lack of activity the last month because of my frustration with this show.

I will say it’s always been a goal of mine to write out, in full, a PPV that doesn’t have a single title match on it, but I think just getting back to booking/writing and not yelling at my computer sounds like a sound enough goal to me right now. So here, in as much detail as I could pack in, is the This is Exile recap.

IZOD Center – East Rutherford, New Jersey
February 3rd, 2008

~The World's Greatest Challenge~
AOW Tag Team Champion Shelton Benjamin v. AOW Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas

The night opened with what JBL was labeling in the intro as ‘a doomed technical masterpiece’, as the second longest reigning champions in the company would go head to head after having toppled every single piece of competition they’d faced. In the limited build coming into the night, Charlie Haas seemed to be the one that was looking forward to doing it much moreso than Benjamin. Many suggested that it stemmed from the fact that Shelton Benjamin had proven himself in other companies as a legit singles star, while Haas was always perhaps been cast in the background. While both have been on even footings so far in AOW, their thirst for competition would lead them to face each other.

The opening moments were filled with incredible mat action, as one would expect from two collegiate level wrestlers. At one point very early in the contest, the two executed a collar-and-elbow tie that neither man wanted to break, forcing them to roll out of the ring. The men quickly returned to the ring, but this, paired with a later comment overheard from Benjamin while trying to return Haas to the ring, confirmed that they wanted ‘to keep it in bounds’, making this all the more a sportsman affair. As the two seemed to be at eternal stalemates on the mat, a stiff elbow from Benjamin signaled the beginning of the end of their grappling contest and turned it into a pro wrestling affair.

It was Haas who pulled away first from this part of the match, both men countering each other move for move. But Charlie caught Benjamin by surprise, planting him with a one-man flapjack…that rolled right into the Haas of Pain. Benjamin quickly got out of it, but had to be wary forevermore of his partner’s finishing submission. A well timed Samoan drop helped put Benjamin back in control, but on the kickout of that move, introduced a new move in his arsenal being his own submission hold in the scissored armbar. Haas this time was caught completely off guard, his partner and best friend pulling out a move he’d never seen him use before. But when Haas began pulling back in front after a springboard bulldog, Benjamin had to return to the familiar, trying to hit Haas with a dragon whip, but Haas dodged the spinning back kick and set up for the trifecta of rolling German suplexes, but after two, Benjamin stopped him before nailing him with a duo of rolling Germans of his own. Haas countered this to prevent that trio, hitting another clean German, before Benjamin swapped the two around and completed their one-upsman chess match by nailing Haas with a German that FLIPPED HAAS RIGHT ONTO HIS STOMACH.

Benjamin couldn’t put his partner away, but kept the upper hand here for a while as both men neared running out of stamina, but after flipping out of an Exploder suplex attempt, Haas seemed to have just a little bit more in the tank when he nailed Benjamin with a slingshot lariat, bouncing right off the second rope and beheading Benjamin with a move he’d never seen used. Haas couldn’t pin his partner, so he opted for another Haas of Pain attempt, but Benjamin refused to submit to someone who was his equal. In the struggle, Benjamin unveiled the genius of his new submission, as it allowed him to take one of Haas’ arms from the HoP and turn it seamlessly back into the scissored armbar. Haas refused to submit as well, wanting to break through as the ‘better half’, able to get a rope break. Benjamin looked to put Haas away with the same slingshot lariat he saw Haas use in a display of more one-upsmanship, but Haas caught Benjamin in mid-move and nailed him with his own Exploder suplex.

But as Haas cradled Benjamin up for the win, Benjamin was able to somehow shift the weight of the pinning combination, getting Haas trapped underneath and pinning him instead…but the referee stopped the count when he noticed Benjamin’s feet on the ropes. As Benjamin was being reprimanded by the ref for this, Haas came up behind and tried to roll him up for the surprise victory roll, only for Benjamin to reverse that roll-up into his own, but failing as well. It was shifted right into another Haas victory roll, but due to the referee’s positioning, he didn’t see Haas reach out and grab the ring rope in front of him, getting him the final, but not entirely clean, pinfall

Winner: Charlie Haas at (16:11)

~Following the contest, Haas didn’t celebrate, knowing he just out-heeled Benjamin in a very unsportsmanlike way, but shook hands with Benjamin anyway, the two sharing an embrace soon afterwards. Benjamin even laughed when he looked up at the screen to see the replay and the rope-grab, especially when it showed him doing the same thing. Both men raised their tag titles high to a cheer.

~In our first peek backstage, we encountered a split screen of all four members of Team AOW all in separate parts of the building doing four different preparations for the match – Punk shadow jogging with a hoodie, Danielson kicking a punching bag, Joe punching a hole in the wall, and Christian just sitting alone in a chair, glaring a hole in the floor as we’ve been accustomed to seeing him prior to his exiling. Meanwhile, the Worthy Legion all arrived at the arena completely together and nigh vulnerable, bar the cast that had been placed on Paul Wright’s fist. The commentators note that not only is he still cleared to compete, but the cast may actually boast an unfair advantage for the KO Punch in the War Chamber (“Whaddya mean ‘unfair’, Joey? It’s No-DQ in the War Chamber!! It can’t be ‘unfair’ if the rules allow it, you DOPE~!!)

~Tag Team Grudge Match~
The Hooliganz v. American Made

The contest with perhaps the lightest story of the night, but still had much resentment between all four men. After Nick Nameth directly cost Paul London a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, both he and London dueled on the penultimate edition of Oblivion. After interference on Hagar’s behalf, Nameth walked away with the win, only furthering the animosity between the two. But American Made insists that they were only answering a challenge that the Hooliganz had sent out a few weeks before (from the comfort of their bathroom). The stage was set for a good ol’ fashioned fight to settle things.

Before the match even began, American Made saw something that caught their eye in the front row of the crowd. On their way to the ring, there was a beautiful, lean, and downright beauty queen-esque blond woman sitting near the barricade, decked out in nothing but red, white, and blue from head to toe. Nameth even began to flirt with her until the much more focus-minded Hagar had to remind him what they were here for.

The Hooliganz started the match like a house a’fire, surprising the rookies with their ridiculously unorthodoxed offense, with constant tag-ins. American Made wasn’t able to construct the match down to their style by slowing them down, London and Kendrick capping off their high-octane offense by hitting both men with double suicide dives. But from there, American Made was able to pull away, as the Hooliganz tried more and more reckless offense. A missed corner splash from Kendrick gave Nameth the opportunity to capitalize, he and Hagar executing tag move after tag move on their smaller, more frail opponents..

Just when it seemed that the Hooliganz could get back into things with a surprise dose of Sliced Bread, Hagar stopped that attempt flat with a neck twizzling German suplex. But things slipped back into the ‘ganz favor when Kendrick was able to flip clean out of a backdrop attempt and tag back in London, who immediately gained enough momentum with Kendrick to drop Hagar with a double suplex into a corner. With Hagar in a tree of woe, London and Kendrick rallied against Nameth, perhaps looking for blood when they went to try an elevated Sliced Bread, with London placing Nameth on his shoulders and Kendrick getting him in the three-quarter’s facelock. They went for it even higher, as Kendrick went to the top rope (the same corner Hagar was in) while London climbed to the middle one. The move was ready to lift off, only for Hagar to come to life, grapple London by the waist, and all four men came down with a Sliced Bread/Electric Chair Drop/German suplex tower!!

After this enormous spot, bodies were lying everywhere, Kendrick literally having flown the entire diagonal of the corner. Hagar was the first man to recover, but he was not the legal man, taking Nameth to the outside to loophole around this, taking London with them. Kendrick saw this and his partner in trouble, going for a senton plancha, but was easily dodged and sent crashing and burning. With him out of the way, American Made nailed London with the double mat slam on the outside floor. But they took too much time rolling him back into the ring, Nameth unable to secure the win there. Nameth’s temper once again started to get the best of him, arguing with the referee at length to the point that Hagar had to call him over to calm him down, tagging himself in. Not too long afterward, the team nailed their tag team finisher, the Patriot Act, with Hagar keeping the prawn following his powerbomb half of the move, and getting American Made undefeated on PPV.

Winners: American Made at (10:51)

~The post-match saw Nameth and Hagar overly celebrate as though they’d each just won world titles, but on the way back up the ramp, Nameth was stopped by the hot blonde from earlier, whom he chatted with for another second. After which, she seemed to give Nameth a slip of paper (which we assume was her phone number); he and Hagar spending the rest of their celebration up the ramp like frat boys who just scored.

~The first ever promo for The Outer Limits aired, taking place on March 16th in the Belle Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The commentators made note that every title defended outside of their country of origin becomes qualified as being billed as ‘world’ titles

~6-Man Tag Team Match~
Aero Star & The Mexicools v. Carlito Colon & The Mercenaries

A rivalry beginning on what seemed like a mere squash match on Carlito’s debut budded into the one of the more heated feuds on the entire card. While Carlito Colon handily defeated Super Crazy in his first match in AOW, his mouth soon got him in some hot water when he began describing Crazy and his tag team partner, Psicosis, as ‘disgraces to the Hispanic culture’. When the blood-and-money hungry Mercenaries got involved, it only led to Carlito spreading his sentiments over to lucha libre rookie Aero Star, saying he and the Mexicools only spread the stereotypes fed to Americans. With the Mercs being screwed by Carlito in a match, however inadvertently, their ire also turned to Carlito, leaving this match as a ‘Latino savior’ on a mission…and five guys who just want him to stay out of their way.

The contest opened with Carlito attempting to take things in his own hands, taking on Aero Star, but was quickly overwhelmed by the surprising amount of teamwork displayed between he and Mexicools, all three men tagging in and out repeatedly and keeping Carlito completely off of his game. Only when Carlito managed to reverse a Super Crazy suplex by chunking him over the top rope and to the floor did he get a chance to do anything, and that one thing was to tag in Brent Albright, hoping the ground-and-pound tag team in his corner would be able to stop the nimble luchadors.

Things did go as planned for Carlito’s side as Burchill and Albright kept Super Crazy flat on the mat, but when Burchill attempted a redounding move, Psicosis used a little bit of cleverness and bent the rules by bending the top rope, sending Burchill tumbling over. When Carlito and Albright rushed across the ring to stop it, they were sent through the ropes and to the floor to join him by defensive hurricanranas from Super Crazy and Aero Star. With all three of the heels outside the ring, Crazy, Psicosis, and Aero Star took to the apron and repeated one of their most popular spots from earlier in the year – NAILING ALL THREE OPPONENTS WITH TRIPLE ASAI MOONSAULTS!!!

On the outside, Star and the ‘cools took advantage and took the extra bodies out of the equation, but Super Crazy couldn’t quite get the winning fall on the still legal Burchill. After tagging back in Psicosis, Burchill was able to capitalize after Psicosis couldn’t get the job done on a missed moonsault, driving the Mexican’s head into the canvas with a brutal Regalplex. This once again turned the tide into the favor of his corner, Burchill and Albright even nailing Psicosis with their tag team maneuver – a decapitating catapult/diving clothesline combo called the Mercy Kill. But the imminent cover attempt was thwarted by Super Crazy coming to his partner’s aid, only for the ‘Crazy Luchador’ to eat a half-Nelson suplex from Albright, flipping right onto his head. From the camera angle presented, it almost looks like a botch, legitimately putting Crazy’s ability to finish the match in jeopardy.

With Crazy’s potential concussion/jarred neck, it left things as a two-on-three affair, but with Psicosis beheaded, it fell mainly on the shoulders of the rookie in Aero Star. Even so, Psicosis was in no frame of mind to tag the only other partner he had, still at the mercy of the Mercs, with Carlito damn near salivating at his impending victory. Things got even worse when Carlito tagged himself back in, trying to get the winning fall after the Mercs did all the dirty work, nothing looking great after he knocked Star off the apron to try and finish Psicosis with a potential rolling cutter…until the Mercenaries dropped out of his corner.

Why they did so was a complete mystery to Carlito, causing him enough distraction to drop Psicosis and wonder what the hell his hired help was doing leaving him behind. As both Mercs walked up the ramp, Burchill simply smirked and said ‘we got a better offer, mate’. As they were about halfway back up the ramp, none other than William Regal made his first live appearance in AOW, just standing on the stage in a pomp suit and tie. After both Mercenaries shook hands with the knighted wrestler, it became all too apparent who their new client was. As Regal went back to the back, the Mercs went with him, suddenly tipping any kind of advantage Carlito wished to have.

Carlito flipping the hell out over his insurance policy up and walking away was more than enough distraction for Psicosis to get the hot tag in on Aero Star, who reminded Carlito there was a match to be had by nailing him with an impressive springboard dropkick that immediately transitioned into a second-rope senton, but even so, this dynamic entry did not grant him the pinfall. Star kept upping the pace, but Carlito would eventually find a way to counter the high-speed offense with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Colon then attempted to put the finishing touches on the contest with something huge out of an Argentine backbreaker position, only to have Star spin out of it and turn it into a DEVESTATING DDT!!

Even getting his ‘fro driven into the canvas, Carlito had enough wits about him to roll outside the ring to attempt to recuperate, much to the chagrin of the masked man he was facing. As Carlito tried to shake the cobwebs out of his head, Psicosis, who had taken to the outside after tagging out to tend to the potentially legitimately injured Super Crazy, came back in the ring looking for potential retribution. Pushing off a crouching Aero Star, Psicosis went for a CLEAN LEAPING PLANCHA…only for Carlito to dodge, sending Psicosis splatting against the outside!! But just as Carlito was getting his head back into thing, he turned around to see Aero Star flying at him with the TOPE TORPEDO…BUT HE STOPS IT DEAD ITS TRACKS BY SNATCHING OFF AERO STAR’S MASK!!! Star stops before he could take off, covering his face and head as Carlito leapt back in and rolled up the now ashamed Star, using the very heritage Aero Star was so proud of that Carlito called disgraceful as his dirty ace-in-the-hole.

Winner: Carlito Colon & The Mercenaries at (12:34)

~The post-match saw Super Crazy pound the mat with frustration, as he had sprung back to life during the final pinfall to try and stop it. Carlito ventured up the ramp and celebrated as though he’d dominated the match, yelling Spanish obscenities at the mask of Aero Star he still had in his clutches. Star hadn’t moved out of the fetal position in the center of the ring, covering his face so that no one could see it until Psicosis and Crazy would help him to his feet, but Star withholding the hands over his face. With Crazy injured and Star disgraced, Psicosis needed the referee’s help to get his friends up the ramp, but all three men received a surprise ovation for their efforts from the New Jersey crowd.

~A promo aired hyping the AOW Trios Tournament, which would begin on February 6th, this coming edition of Oblivion.

~In a backstage segment, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were seen packing their things and in street clothes, looking like they were leaving. They did so in complete silence, perhaps a little bit of uneasiness finally dawning between them until Haas asked Benjamin if everything was okay. Benjamin assured them they were, but he was just disappointed in himself. Haas suggested the pick-me-up of entering the Trios Tournament by finding themselves a tag team partner. Benjamin says that it would be an extension of competition and would certainly present a challenge. The two would share a high five before seemingly exiting.

~The Rookie Rematch~
Kofi Kingston v. Tyler Black

They say ‘never say never’ in the wrestling business. Mostly because just when you think you know all the answers, the industry changes the questions. This was taken to its logical conclusion on the January 8th edition of Oblivion, when both Kofi Kingston and Tyler Black, two rookies who hadn’t even gotten their ears wet in the mainstream wrestling world, went out and set the world on fire with a 25-minute debut duel that utterly cemented their place not just in AOW and not just in the wrestling world, but in wrestling history. After their marathon of an opening act, it was Tyler Black who stood tall, but Act II was about to begin when it was announced the two would go at it once again – this time, with the world paying to watch them on an even bigger stage.

The roles both men had just going down the ramp seemed to completely flip – this time, it was Kingston who was intense and it was Black who was grinning away. Even so, the contest started exactly how their last one did – with an attempted handshake. But once again, the roles were reversed when it was Black offering one to Kingston, which many immediately saw right through as just poking fun at Kofi. Kingston answered the gesture the same way Black did in their first contest by clotheslining Black, signaling the start of this. For the opening minutes, there was no back and forth. It was just Kofi Kingston UNLOADING on Tyler Black, hitting him with a flurry of blows and kickbox-esque offensive maneuvers, Black unable to counter anything because of the high pace.

Black was finally able to get his voice in things when he’s able to capitalize on Kingston’s carelessness, straddling his jaw off the top rope with a flapjack. With Black using the ring to his advantage, he takes control of the match, even taking the contest to a place the first few matches on the card didn’t so much go – that being outside. Failing to suplex Kingston, Kofi managed to land on the apron, but lost a duel with Black that left him doubled over, leading to Black sunset flip powerbombing the Jamaican to the floor!! Black then took control on the outside, further destroying Kingston by hitting him with the spinout powerbomb on the ring lip. With Kingston’s lower back now in question, his agility is hindered greatly, leaving him at Black’s mercy while on the outside.

Things would stay this way until Black restarted the outside count out and tried to whip Kofi into the barricade, but the still quick and agile Kingston was able to leap clean onto the it. As Black tried to chase after him and knock him back down, Kingston would execute a beautiful sky high crossbody from off the barricade!! This swung things right back in Kingston’s favor, the two heading back into the ring, but Kingston unable to get the winning pinfall. Kingston kept the offense on, stunting a Black counter by hitting him with the pendulum kick in the corner, following it up with a Tornado DDT try…but Black would counter that by surprising Kingston, and all in attendance with an elevated Northern Lights suplex!! This stellar move still did not get him the winning fall, but definitely turned the tide back into his favor.

With Black in control, he began executing what seems to slowly be becoming his signature in nailing move combinations, as seen with his short-arm combos, as well as hitting Kingston with a backbreaker to neckbreaker move, Kingston still showing his guile in getting out of that. Black realized he had to wear down Kingston, again going to his targeted lower back, locking him up in a bow-and-arrow lock. The flexible Kingston found it working against him, as Black was able to hold him like a damn accordion on the move. Kingston still fought his way out of the move, but as he tried to build momentum, he was caught in a series of Black sleeper holds, not only stunting him, but cutting off the oxygen to his brain to last as long as he did in their first meeting.

But Kingston refused to go with a whimper, even after Black drove his face into the canvas with the Black to White (the belly to back suplex lift into a reverse STO). As Black looked to make sure to put things away with a top rope move, Kingston wound up fighting back with vigilance, spinning out of a Paroxysm attempt and finally nailing Black with the Tornado DDT he hand wanted to earlier, giving him some time to rest up. As Kingston built himself back up for more momentum, his back made it harder to go from move to move, leading to Black squeezing in a snap powerslam and trying a pair of surprise roll-ups, but to no avail. Unfortunately for Black, the first thing Kofi did when he got back to his feet was CRACK BLACK IN THE FACE WITH THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE, taking the methodical, philosophical lone wolf by complete surprise and netting Kingston not only his first win in AOW, but his first win on PPV.

Winner: Kofi Kingston at (17:23)

~The aftermath was possibly the most uninteresting of the night, as Kingston was jovial as he had his hand raised peering back towards Black, who could only grip his jaw in distain at the man who handed him his first loss in AOW

~A promo airs here officially announcing the AOW Dynasty Tournament, which will take place immediately following the AOW Offseason when Oblivion goes back on the air and lasting the entire month of June. Thirty-two men will compete in the tournament, with the quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finals being held on a special 3-hour Supershow called “Rise of a Dynasty”. The winner of the massive tournament receives an AOW Championship match in the main event of the one-year anniversary PPV, Origins and Endings.

~Finlay's Open Challenge~
*Anyone present in the arena at This is Exile is eligible

Up next was Finlay’s open challenge, which as everyone and their mother knew, was just an excuse for Finlay to try and call out the man we once knew as Rob Van Dam. Throughout the night, Szatowski was periodically shown with his wife, Sonya, in the front row of the IZOD Center. For much of the night, however, Szatowski did not seem to be enjoying himself, the commentators suggesting that perhaps being near a ring is difficult for him at the time being.

But when Finlay came through the gate, all he managed to do was take a microphone and pour lemons on the cut, explaining how it was he who drove Rob Szatowski into the wimpy state he was in. He called him a man who was smart enough to know he was finished, but not brave enough to get ‘broken like a man’. Finlay kept prodding at Szatowski to try and get him out of the crowd and into the ring, but he would have none of it. And despite the entire arena starting “RVD!! RVD!! RVD!!” chants, Szatowski downplayed them and even begged them to stop. As one final attempt to get Szatowski to answer the challenge, Finlay declared that the match would be held under ECW Rules.

While this got a large pop of approval from the crowd at the IZOD, all it did was make Szatowski take his wife’s hand and begin to walk out of his row and into the aisle, going back up and looking to walk out of the arena. Szatowski kept his head down as Finlay ordered him to come back down. As this happened, Finlay just barked up that he truly was no longer ‘Rob Van Dam’ but a complete shell of a man before turning his attention back towards the ramp and demand that someone come out here to face him in place of that ‘sham of a man’.

Not too long afterwards, a very unfamiliar tune chimed out over the sound system, but the man that burst through the bolted door was one very familiar to the mutant faithful – TOMMY DREAMER. Dreamer finally makes good on his oath to at least appear for AOW, getting the entire crowd riled up and behind him, and also managing to stop Szatowski in his tracks from leaving. The hero of the moment in Dreamer brings down a good ol’ fashioned kendo stick down with him, entering the ring and roaring right in the stunned Finlay’s face. No sooner than he does that does he take the kendo to Finlay, cracking it off of his ribs, back, and his head!!

The match actually begins, but as Finlay takes his lumps, he also keeps his head on. Even so, Dreamer follows Finlay as he roams the outside, cracking the kendo stick off Finlay’s body even more! When the stick finally splinters, he grabs another trusty weapon in a steel chair!! But as he goes to whack the shit out of Finlay with it, Finlay dodges it and grabs a hold of his shillelagh, all in one fell swoop, CRACKING THE STAFF OFF OF DREAMER’S KNEE!!

It’s a massacre from there on out, as Finlay doesn’t just finish off Dreamer’s knee, completely handicapping him, but he chunks him into the ring and CRACKS THE SHILLELAGH OFF OF DREAMER’S SKULL. Any steam the crowd has is just downright deflated, Szatowski coming back and leaning against the guard rail, only able to stare as a lifelong friend is demolished before his very eyes. Paralyzed and helpless, Szatowski watches as Finlay mercilessly KEEPS DRIVIGN THE SHILLELAGH INTO DREAMER’S SKULL, BUSTING HIM WIDE OPEN. After what seemed like ten shots to the head, Finlay looks over his shoulder to see a blank faced Szatowski, giving him an evil smirk…before taking a completely battered and bloodied Dreamer…and driving his head into the canvas with the Celtic Cross. But he doesn’t even cover him, instead opting to peel the bleeding Dreamer off the canvas and set him back up. Szatowski was actually being vocal at this point, yelling at Finlay to stop it. All Finlay does is set Dreamer behind his shoulders and stare with a shit-eating grin directed right at Szatowski and his horrified wife…and nailing one more Celtic Cross, shoving his forearm in Dreamer’s near unidentifiable face for an academic, but disgusting, pin.

Winner: Finlay at (4:30)

~The aftermath saw Szatowski stare on horrified at the carnage, Finlay never taking his gaze off of him. But even so, only when Finlay left the ring did Szatowski jump the guard rail. Even then, Finlay lingered and wouldn’t stop flashing Rob an evil grin as he walked back up the ramp. Szatowski’s wife soon stepped over the rail with a little bit of help from security, as she stood at ringside and watched her husband try and revive Dreamer himself. An eerie silence filled the IZOD as Szatowski was noticeably on the verge of tears as EMTs got to the ring and took Dreamer out on a stretcher. Rob and Sonya followed the stretcher and the medical personnel up the ramp

~The latest version of the “Saint is Coming” videos played, showing someone in very dark attire walking down a damaged street before the person takes off their crucifix chain and leaves it sitting on the gate of a fence before cutting away and using the same words as the last few promos

~Returning from the promo, we were sent backstage, where Mick Foley was seen with the supposedly suspended Muhammad Hassan. We learn from the two’s dialogue that Hassan was evidently successful in appealing his suspension, Hassan proudly declaring that his lawyers not only saw to overturning the suspension, but that Hassan would be getting a rematch for the Dynasty Championship…that he would be cashing in on this coming week on Oblivion.

~#1 Contendership for the Cruiserweight Championship~
Low Ki v. Gregory Helms

The Art of War states that “it’s not about workrate, but about who works”, meaning that how much effort someone puts forth, if they’re not ‘the man’, then they have to take a backseat to someone who naturally is. From the beginning of AOW, Gregory Helms has believed it was his right to be the guy on top of the cruiserweight food chain and has definitely made his case by taking Bryan Danielson to the psychological and physical limit. Meanwhile, Low Ki has worked diligently to earn his spot, but has thus far fallen short when the chips were down. The two would meet in a clash of mentalities, where the winner would be guaranteed a shot at Bryan Danielson and the Cruiserweight Championship he has defended with a vengeance.

While not a big time match by any means, Low Ki did receive a very special entrance from his tag team partner, Jack Evans, who rapped out Low Ki’s introduction to a pleased crowd. Evans would rub Ki’s bald head ‘for luck’, but did not stay at ringside for the match, the commentators noting that it’s in the warrior spirit to do things like this alone.

From the ringing of the bell, Helms made sure to keep his distance from “The Warrior”, as the ever deadly feet of Low Ki were of great concern. Unfortunately for Helms, he focused a bit too much on trying to escape Ki’s legs and speed that he didn’t pay much to the strength the pintsized powerhouse possessed, as many of Helms’ blows early on seemed to glance off of the silent assassin, not having much effect, if any. This frustrated the driven Helms to the point of constantly forcing the issue, now looking to close the distance between he and Ki, but just when he abandoned his original strategy, Ki reminded him why he had it in the first place and nailed Helms right in the jaw with the rolling kippou kick!!

Once that occurred, Helms would again keep his distance, but the swift and brutal nature of Low Ki wouldn’t allow it, not letting up and continually hounding Helms with his deadly legs. Helms was able to turn the tide by surprising Ki with a running chop block, netting him the opportunity now to cripple Ki, not just looking out for the legs, but targeting them. After spiking the leg into the canvas to further weaken it, he tried to cement it by attempting a dragon screw, but Ki turns it into a clean standing enzeguiri. As Helms went through the middle rope and onto the apron with that one, Ki decided to test out his leg and see if it still held up, going from the top rope and delivering a flying chop from the top rope to the apron and onto the arena floor!!

Ki’s surprising advantage would continue on the outside, but only momentarily, as Helms would again target the knee, at one point DRIVING KI’S KNEE INTO THE STEEL POST. Helms nailed several big offensive maneuvers and looked for the further advantage with the Nightmare on Helms Street, but was struck by a surprise killer roundhouse from Ki’s good leg that dropped Helms on top of the announce table. Once this occurred, even with a bad knee, Ki managed to get to the top rope once again…AND DESTROYED THE ANNOUNCE TABLE BY NAILING THE WARRIOR’S WAY TO THE OUTSIDE!!! It wasn’t Kingston or Black or Benjamin or Finlay or any of the other, more notable names to break the booth, but it was Low Ki of all people! But needless to say, even though Ki provided us with a stunning image and maneuver, the impact left him as damaged as Helms due to his torn apart knee.

Even after getting back into the ring, Ki couldn’t get the winning fall, opting to go back up for another Warrior’s Way, this one inside. But his injured appendage reared its ugly head, allowing Helms to get to the top rope and fight off Ki and send both men crashing back down to the mat with the avalanche neckbreaker!! This again took as much out of Helms as it did Ki, leaving Helms unable to get the immediate cover and thus, the win. But it did allow him to get back into things, especially after nearly dislocating Ki’s shoulder with an iron post and then nailing him with a double knee gutbuster. This still didn’t net the win, with Ki turning a subsequent Shining Wizard attempt into a roll-up attempt, but to no avail. The two cruiserweights then exchanged pin attempt after pinning attempt, attaining the signature cruiserweight tempo.

It was Ki who took advantage of the tempo, managing to headbutt Helms right into a corner and nail him with the Tidal Crush, with Helms flopping through the middle rope after receiving the impact. The Warrior saw this as a chance for more high risk, but this time it didn’t pay off at all, as Helms dodged the Sasuke Special, Ki’s injured leg crashing against the guard rail. Helms took advantage of this, swinging Ki back into the ring and going for the winning pin, but not there. Ki tried to fight back, but was on the receiving end of a Helms low dropkick right to the weakened appendage, giving Helms the time he needed to nail the final blow with a Shining Wizard, punching his ticket to once again face Bryan Danielson.

Winner: Gregory Helms at (14:09)

~The post-match saw Helms boasting in the face of an injured Ki, saying that “my kick was better, foo’!” He then made championship motions around his waist as he went up the ramp, crying out Danielson’s name several times and nearly sounding like a man obsessed. And much like the earlier six-man tag match, Ki would receive a surprise ovation from the IZOD crowd after he refused medical attention and forced himself to try and leave the ring area without any help. He began limping and even Jack Evans came out to try and help him, but Ki refused his partner’s help and walked back out having possibly gained the one thing a warrior holds most dear: respect.

~We went backstage one last time to see three members of Team AOW – Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and Bryan Danielson in the same circle. No one is saying a word until Christian Cage walks into the room. Every single man is looking as intense as they did last Wednesday, Christian completing this innermost circle of Hell. All four men stare into each other with their hard stares…until Christian puts his hand in the middle of the gathering, saying “This.” His three teammates look at him with some sort of question until Danielson throws his hand on top of Christian, saying “World”. Punk nearly immediately puts his hand in, saying “Is”. Joe doesn’t budge, his three teammates now staring him down. Joe unfolds his arms to drop the hammer on the three hands in front of him with such a heavy hand, it nearly buckles, but doesn’t break, getting a smirk and finishing it all by saying “Ours.” All four men still have their intense gazes, but have smirks to go with them, finally unified in their pursuit

~We cut back to the arena to have Mick Foley come down to the ring for the lowering of the War Chamber. The War Chamber is seen as very similar to the WWE’s Elimination Chamber, but with the exception of instead of a domed ceiling, it remains flat, making it seem like a HIAC/Elimination Chamber hybrid and giving the Chamber sort of a rounded hexagon shape. It has six sides because there are six corners within the Chamber, each one containing a Plexiglas holding pod. Hanging from the roof, however, are two wooden tables that can be detached and used at any time. Hanging above two of the pods are two steel chairs. Foley also gives us a close up on some parts of the chains surrounding the Chamber...some of which contain barbed wire.

Foley continues to explain the actual rules of the contest: it is in elimination format. Two members of each team will start the contest, the remaining members going into the pods, with teams being in the adjacent pods on the same side of the ring. Every four minutes, one of the pods will open, alternating teams. The Worthy Legion won a toss-up, meaning they will get their team members first. You may only be eliminated via pinfall, submission, or knock out. But a twist is that no one can be eliminated until all members of both teams are in the ring.

~Following what would have been two of the best video packages I’ve ever written, both teams come down to the ring, where we see that the first two men in the match are going to be Lashley for the Worthy Legion…and Christian Cage for Team AOW.

~FIRST EVER WarChamber Match~
~Team AOW~
Christian Cage, Samoa Joe,
Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson & Dynasty Champion CM Punk
~The Worthy Legion~

AOW Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, Bobby Lashley, Ken Doane & Paul “The Great” Wright

Christian and Lashley didn’t bother even circling the ring or anything of the sort, immediately going at each other’s throats with an all-out brawl!! It didn’t take long at all for the crowd to get insanely hot behind such a heated opening, both men thrashing the other all around the spacious steel structure, an early accentuate being that Lashley manages to catch Christian in a hip toss to the outside, crunching his spine on the iron girdle outside!! As the red markings engrave themselves into Christian’s spine, Lashley takes control and starts bashing Christian around freely until one of his whips is reversed and he’s sent right into a barbed wire portion of the chains!! Christian wastes no time then proceeding to grind Lashley’s face against the barbed wire until Lashley somehow powers him off.

ENTRANT #3: KEN DOANE at (4:00)

With Christian and Lashley still trying to tear each other apart from their unfinished business, Doane slips between them both and started to get his cheap shots in on Christian when he could, but to many people’s surprise, didn’t actually intervene as much as one would think. Instead, he simply let Lashley and Christian continue their beef with one another, and we see why at one point, as Jericho is chirping at Doane from his pod to ‘let them go at each other’. Doane does stay away from the savages before him, but the youth and cockiness must have gotten the best of him because after a while of staying out of it, Doane begins to climb the chains and on top of one of the pods…and retrieves the first steel chair of the night.

Doane spends the next few minutes inserting himself against Jericho’s orders, smashing the chair against Cage’s spine!! Christian is now completely at the mercy of the Worthy Legion, as how it’s his turn to get chunked into the barbed wire chains!! A few close-ups on Lashley show that he’s not donning a crimson mask, but he’s got deep gashes developing on his face, while the front of Christian’s body is dotted with open wounds from where barbs entered. It’s just when Doane and Lashley team up to try a double suplex in the center of the ring that the buzzer sounds for a new member…


And as would be so appropriate, the ‘white knight’ of this entire ordeal bursts through his pod to make the save for the Man on the Moon, doing so in dynamic fashion by doing so with a flying knee aimed right for Bobby Lashey’s face!! Lashley’s face is caved in, giving he and Christian the time to now put a two-on-one assault on Ken Doane. Not too long afterward, it’s Doane, not Christian, who eats a double suplex…ONTO THE VERY STEEL CHAIR HE PRESENTED!! Karma comes right back very quickly for Mr. Doane, but Danielson and Cage spent absolutely no time celebrating. Instead, they worked as a unit to continue to wear down Lashley some more until Jericho distracted Christian from inside his pod. Banging on it until it got Cage’s attention, the two met nose to nose in an intense staredown with only Plexiglas separating them, but unfortunately, this gave Lashley enough time to fend of Danielson and hit both men with a double clothesline!!


And it didn’t seem to get better there. Even with Doane still incapacitated, in stepped “The Great”, who galumphed into the ring with his cast and quickly put it to work, nearly caving in the chest of Christian when he smashed his fist against it. Danielson fared not much better, but when Wright tried to lift him up for a military press, Danielson became the first person to ever scale the War Chamber’s chains. Wright wouldn’t climb up after the Cruiserweight Champion, Lashley going up after him instead, but Danielson wouldn’t come down with simple tugging. Instead, Lashley brought himself up to Danielson’s level…and looked to GERMAN SUPLEX HIM FROM OFF THE CHAINS…

…but Christian came to the rescue, bashing the steel chair off of Wright’s skull and Lashley’s spine, Lashley falling from ten feet high RIGHT ONTO THE GIRDLE!! With Danielson momentarily spared, he didn’t opt to leap down. Instead, Danielson decided to venture over on top of the pod he was nearest…and begin unhooking one of the tables that was right over his head. Danielson was taking his time, Christian having to defend himself with his steel chair. But the chair was punched away from him by Wright with his cast hand, setting Christian up for the chokeslam. But Danielson stopped trying to get the table down from the top and instead LEAPT FROM THE TOP OF THE POD AND ONTO WRIGHT…ONLY TO GET KNOCK OUT PUNCHED BY THE MASSIVE CASTED HAND.

Christian saw his teammate go down, but it got him enough time to rake Wright’s eyes and get out of his predicament. As Wright blindly rushes towards Christian, Cage moves so that Wright goes crunching into the chains!! This allows Christian some breathing time, but only until Ken Doane comes back into things and pulls him back into the ring and wails on him with several blows before capping it off with a backdrop to neckbreaker slam. Doane eats some heat before the buzzer went off once again…

ENTRANT #6: CM PUNK at (16:00)

…and the Dynasty Champion entered just as dynamically as his cruiserweight counterpart, bursting forth and bashing Doane with several blows, but Doane was more than ready to fight back. The two went at it in their own little duel for a moment until Punk whipped Doane in the corner and hit him with the running corner knee, but Doane tossed him across the ring when he tried to finish it with the bulldog. But when Punk was recovering close to the ropes, Doane rushed at him to chase him down…ONLY TO GET BACK BODY DROPPED OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE UNFORGIVING GIRDLE OUTSIDE!!

With Doane effectively getting all of his scars, the now white-hot Punk roared all across the now seemingly empty cell, as at that point, he was the only man completely conscious. Without the elimination rules being able to be kicked into full effect at the time, Punk instead opted to finish what one of his partners started, and that was go above one of the pods and finish unhooking a wooden table. Punk did manage to get it down and passed it down into the ring to Christian, who had gotten back to his feet. Christian set it up on top of the top rope in the corner opposite both men. But while he was fixing that, Bobby Lashley was back to his feet and looking to possibly go back after Christian, something CM Punk tried to stop by DIVING FROM THE VERY TOP OF THE POD TOWARDS LASHLEY…ONLY TO BE CAUGHT BY THE STRENGTH OF THE PERFECT WARRIOR!! But Lashley’s might wasn’t just on display in that. Instead, the brute flexed his might even more…by CHUNKING CM PUNK THROUGH AN EMPTY POD!!

Plexiglas shards went everywhere as Punk experienced a car crash, but this gave Christian and Lashley another chance to start beating the living hell out of one another, keeping their hatred burning bright in the middle of the ring, only for Christian to splat Lashley back down when he took the steel chair and CRACKED IT AGAINST LASHLEY’S SKULL, LASHLEY THE FIRST MAN TO BLEED. When Wright came charging back into the ring, he got slapped with a chair shot to the gut, but he shrugged it off, only for Christian to mash the chair against his injured fist, getting the big man at his mercy once again, before giving him another chair shot off the spine!! Christian was on fire, pounding the chair off the canvas several times before looking around and knowing who was coming next…


…but Jericho refused to leave his pod. Not with Christian looking like an absolute madman with a now bloody chair in hand. The AOW Heavyweight Champion got unbridled heat for this as one would imagine, but Christian got an even bigger pop when he left the ring to try and force Jericho’s cell open, only for Jericho to force it back shut. From the look on Jericho’s face, however, he didn’t look afraid, but more frustrated…perhaps the master strategist was just mad his moment to enter wasn’t an opportune moment? Either way, we got another image of Christian and Jericho locking eyes through the barrier, although Christian looking like a complete madman this time. This time it ended when Doane got back into things, surprising Christian with a dropkick to the spine and forced him to drop the chair.

Doane took advantage of his surprise attack, using it to catapult Christian right into the chain frame!! As Christian came peeling down, we could see that he too had been busted open, now joining Lashley in the blood department. But this exclusive club is soon joined by Bryan Danielson as well, who we saw was busted open over his left eye socket, where the orbital bone injury he suffered earlier in the year had been aggressively re-aggravated by the knockout punch. Danielson started going blow for blow with Doane now, but Doane took advantage of Danielson’s torn up eye and used it to clothesline him back into the ring. Upon chasing him back in to the ring, however, Danielson countered Doane and turned his approach into a surprise ankle lock, but this was ended quickly when Chris Jericho decided this was the opportune moment to finally enter the match on his own terms.

Things didn’t get much better for Danielson as Jericho and Doane ganged up on him, Paul Wright soon getting back into things as well. It didn’t look much better when Wright crushed the Cruiserweight Champion with a step-over leg lariat, only for Doane to head to the top rope and looked prepared to deliver the SKY HIGH LEG DROP…

ENTRANT #8: SAMOA JOE at (24:00)

…but in BURSTED Samoa Joe, chunking Doane right off the top and making a beeline for “The Great”, the two behemoths battled it out in the steel enclosed ring with the crowd going wild, looking like something straight out of the gladiator days. Jericho took that moment to again try to pick his spots, retreating back to his pod and closed it, not liking anything that he was seeing. Instead of chasing Jericho like Christian did, the One Man Army kept true to his name and simply wore down Wright and surprising him with the CCS Enzeguiri, stupefying him so much he flopped over the top rope and onto the girdle frame. There, Joe delivered an ole kick to the head for luck…before using his massive amount of strength and throwing his entire body to whip “The Great”…RIGHT THROUGH THE POD JERICHO WAS HIDING IN!! Jericho and Wright were collapsed in a pile of shards and knocked out, Joe putting on a display like he never had before.

But that wouldn’t suffice at that point in the match. Referees checked both Jericho and Wright to see if they could continue because now, eliminations were valid, but neither man was incapacitated enough. With two men down, Joe turned to Doane to see if he could try and dwindle the numbers down, Christian soon coming to his side. Doane, like a good Jericho pupil would, tried to beg for mercy before his two opponents, but neither of them would have it, just beating down the ‘God of the Future’ down almost to a pulp before Doane got wrapped up in the UNPRETTIER…before Bobby Lashley came back into the fray! Lashley saved his teammate by beheading Cage and Joe with a devastating double clothesline, but couldn’t net an elimination fall on either man.

But then Lashley got a good look at the still downed Bryan Danielson. The man who had begged with every fiber of his being to end this entire war was at the mercy of a man almost twice his weight. Lashley took his time and looked to nail Danielson with the running powerslam…but Danielson turned it into a guillotine choke!! Much like their match a few months ago, Danielson would not go down to the power game that easily. But again like their match not too long ago, Lashley would power out of the submission hold with a rib-crunching scrapbuster slam. That neither got Lashley the elimination he was looking for, perhaps making him more frustrated than usual. As a result of that, Lashley went somewhere he never normally would go…and that was to the top rope in the corner with the table still on it. But the brutality in Lashley wouldn’t seem to let that rest, instead, heading on top of the pod behind the corner to deliver whatever it is he was looking for…

…when CM Punk burst back into the scene, rushing across the ring to save Danielson by leaping clean onto the rope-balanced table and nail Lashley with the running knee!! Lashley dropped from the pod to Punk’s level on the table, but just like the last time Punk nailed the knee, he was unable to land the finishing bulldog, as Lashley chunked him down from the top. But almost as soon as Punk hit the canvas again, Danielson sprung back up and began dueling Lashley on the now teetering table. Punk on wobbly knees started recovering, giving us a good look at the damage he suffered from being chunked through the pod, apparently bleeding from somewhere in his hair, as blood was running down the sides his face like hemoglobin sideburns. But now it was Punk’s turn to join Danielson on the teetering table duel, until both men managed to wear Lashley down by aiming at his bleeding point…AND NAILING A DOUBLE SUPERPLEX FROM OFF THE ELEVATED TABLE!! As huge a move as this was, no man was in good enough condition to pin one another until Joe managed to roll back into the ring, only for the big Black brute to kick out.

With nobody even eliminated just yet, Joe was surprised as all of would be when he saw Lashley kickout, only to try and lock him in THE CLUTCH, but he was quickly stopped by Wright coming back to life and showing some hard way bleeding around his ear as well. The two mammoths would start duking it out again in the center of the ring, but Wright would this time pull away before cracking Joe with a sequence of a knockout punch…INTO A CHOKESLAM. But Joe wouldn’t be pinned on that one, the IZOD getting all into that one. It was Wright’s turn to think brutally creatively, as he took the table that had fallen off of the top rope off the Superplex and placed it outside the ring, still erect, right above the girdles. Wright then went for A CHOKESLAM FROM THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE FRAME, but Joe wouldn’t stop fighting back, landing on his feet on the table. He managed to somehow tug at Wright enough for him to lean and he could take him in one fell swoop over his shoulders…AND NAILED AN ISLAND DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE…AND THROUGH THE IRON GIRDLE~!! BOTH MEN CRUNCH AND COLLAPSE ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE REINFORCED METAL FLOOR~!! A genuine “HOLY SHIT” moment, leaving neither man actually conscious, being the first two eliminations.


As disappointing as I’m sure that first elimination may be for some people, the next one wouldn’t come quite too long afterwards. With two of the biggest monsters out of the match, Jericho was free to roam after having to clear all the cobwebs in his head from getting smashed by his very own Titan. But he was met by a very vehement Christian, who blasted him from the moment he decided to crawl back into things. Meanwhile, Ken Doane would have helped, but was forced to deal with his own issues with Bryan Danielson. Bryan began pulling away in their duel, but he was struck all of a sudden by a RKDOANE!! Just like that, Doane was ready to eliminate Danielson…but the American Dragon was saved by the Dynasty Champion.

On the exterior of the ring, Christian and Jericho resumed their duel, but both men became flatlined when Christian caught Jericho in a his second rope crossbody. Back in the theatre of the moment, Punk and Doane got their battle going, with Doane surprising Punk by sliding off his shoulders and nailing him with a fame-asser. But this only got a near fall, but Doane went or the kill with the SKY HIGH LEG DROP…BUT NOBODY WAS HOME!! With Doane left on his knees and holding his tailbone, Danielson kicked back into things with his repeat shoot kicks on Doane’s chest, capped off with a roundhouse to the skull! This knocked Doane actually onto his feet and stumbling…right into a Punk GTS, netting Team AOW their first advantage


It was only Lashley and Jericho remaining for the Legion, but the former half of that team came back to life and came back at the men who Superplexed him with a vengeance, dueling the two champions until he managed to get them in opposite corners and squashed their bodies underneath his. After this, Punk was forced to the outside, but Danielson was met with more abuse at the hands of Lashley by eating a spinebuster. But Danielson would still not go down that easily, nailing Lashley with the flying knee, but Danielson fell on the outside, possibly damaging his knee.

Punk was dragged along to face a recovering Jericho. After keeping Christian down with a slam on the remaining part of the outside girdles, he and Punk matched up in the ring before Jericho catapaulted Punk over the rope. But Punk held on, looking to come back at Jericho with the springboard clothesline…CODEBREAKER!! PUNK IS NAILED WITH A MID-AIR CODEBREAKER!! And the Worthy Legion evened the score!!

ELIMINATION #4: CM PUNK at (44:23)

With Punk’s elimination, it would come down to a duel between Jericho and Danielson, the two re-enacting the battle they had on the first main event of the New Year, down to Jericho missing the Lionsault and Danielson turning it into his repeat shoot kicks. But Jericho was able to dodge the finishing roundhouse, knowing all too well what it would do, and turned it into the WALLS OF JERICHO. But the submission expert, despite being in the unforgiving Chamber for over a half hour, withstood the pain enough to reverse the move into the LEBELL LOCK, very much akin to what he did in January. But Jericho would use his veteran wiles to reverse that hold and turn it right back into the WALLS OF JERICHO~!! Danielson was damn near close to tapping…only for Christian to save the man who begged for liberation with the diving European uppercut!!

Danielson was saved for the moment, only for Christian and Jericho to go back at it, but after both men going at each other yet again, Jericho would outsmart Christian and nail him with the triangle dropkick using the Chamber walls. While this took something out of Jericho as well, he still had more than enough to go back after Danielson only to get clocked in the head with a roundhouse. When that couldn’t get Danielson the elimination, he opted to go back and climb the corners and pods…and pull down not just the other steel chair that was hoisted up, as well as beginning to pull down the other table before being interrupted by Jericho, who looked to add insult to potential injury by catching Danielson in a Muscle Buster position, but Danielson would fight his way out, only to nail Jericho with a super back drop!!

The wrapped with pain Danielson couldn’t eliminate Jericho again there either, but then went over to the corner…and began to tune up the band. The crowd soon realized what was going on, as Danielson was looking to directly homage the man who had driven him to actually get involved in this entire war. Jericho recovered only to be come at with DANIELSON SWEET CHIN MUSIC…SPEAR!! BUT HE’S CUT OFF BY A BOBBY LASHLEY SOMATICALLY DEFILING SPEAR!! And just like that, Danielson is broken in half…and the Worthy Legion would gain the upper hand.


…and the Worthy Legion had a daunting and damn near insurmountable advantage. Chris Jericho and Bobby Lashley alone with Christian Cage. They quickly overwhelmed the Man on the Moon with their combined might, torturing him to a sickening degree. The carnage seen the whole match before was only a warm up, as Lashley would demolish Christian with a steel chair, mirroring the heartwrenching brutality that gripped people in their ‘I Quit’ match months ago. It reached an even more insidious level of cruel when Christian, whose face is completely drenched in a crimson mask that would make Ric Flair proud by this point, had his head shoved between a hole in the chain walls while Jericho locked in the WALLS OF JERICHO. Somehow, Christian refused to choke to death or let his back give out, but almost as punishment, Lashley and Jericho took the two chairs and tried for a CON-CHAIR-TO…only for Christian to dodge a hellova bullet.

Christian would keep Lashley away, only for Jericho to try and jump him once more, but Christian would force the two back out the iron perimeter, where he surprised Jericho with a reverse DDT drop on the unforgiving steel beneath them. As Christian tried to re-enter the ring, he was approached by a rushing Lashley, only for Christian to jab Lashley right in the eye with a thumb, blinding Lashley with that and the blood still oozing into Lashley’s eyes. When Lashley turned around to rush the apron-bound Christian again, Christian moved…CAUSING LASHLEY TO GORE JERICHO AGAINST THE CHAINED DOOR…RIGHT OUT THE DOOR!! JERICHO IS SPEARED BY HIS OWN TEAMMATE RIGHT OUT THE DOOR!! Perhaps fitting or perhaps irony, the man who was forever in power is ended by men of his own hand. Replays would show Jericho’s head whiplashing violently as hell against the Chamber and the floor below, leaving him as the third man in this match to have to leave by being knocked out, much to the dissatisfaction of everyone who wanted him completely destroyed.


And so it came down to the very same two men who started the hellish journey together many months ago and started their dance in Hell a whole hour prior. Both men were a battered and bloodied mess, nothing seeming to be keeping their broken bodies upright besides sheer, unbridled hatred for one another. The two would use up all that anger in just a few seconds, it seemed, when they went at it in a flurry of punches that only wore both men down to a point of both men almost collapsing on one another. The blood both men had lost had almost reached ridiculous levels, but it was Christian who managed to pull away, even wrapping Lashley around…AND NAILING AN UNPRETTIER!! But even so, Lashley would not go down! Lashley recovered somehow, eventually getting enough in him to get Christian…AND NAIL A DOMINATOR!! But Christian, like Lashley, would kick out in a completely unreal fashion.

Lashley, knowing this has to be the end the way it is, opts to get the last remaining table and bring it into the fray, setting it up in a corner behind Christian. Lashley would go and stalk Christian, the entire arena on their feet because the way it’s set up, any spear Christian would take would sickeningly destroy him. This would come to pass, as Lashley bullrushed for ONE FINAL SPEAR THROUGH THE TABLE…BUT CHRISTIAN MOVED!! Lashley would eat nothing but wooden slab, almost direct;y mirroring to the way he screwed over RVD the night the Worthy Legion formed!! Christian would reposition one of the steel chairs still lying around, taking the now dead on his feet Perfect Warrior…AND NAILING AN UNPRETTIER ON THE STEEL CHAIR!! But instead of going for the immediate, emphatic cover, Christian opted to put the conclusion of his own story. A feud that began it’s sickening descent into Hell with a one-man Con Chair To…would end that way, as Christian would keep Lashley position right on top of the chair and CRUNCH HIS HEAD WITH ONE FINAL, EMPHATIC, AND INCREDIBLY GORY CON-CHAIR-TO. Christian would cover Lashley, where finally, the Worthy Legion was toppled after the most wall-to-wall grueling hour in all of professional wrestling history.

WINNERS: TEAM AOW at (62:45)

~In absolutely ecstasy filled arena, a battered and bloodied savior actually stepped out of the War Chamber and climbed on top of the flat roof, his hands thrust in the air in victory for all of AOW. As Joey Styles would put it to cap off the entire night – “It doesn’t matter who the world belongs to, it’s Christian Cage and all of AOW who are on top of it.”

Hope all don't hate me for this


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