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Re: How would you fix TNA

TNA has marketing. So unless someone comes up with a detailed marketing plan that works within (what we can assume) is TNA's actual budget...then STFU about marketing. Its one of those terms people like to toss out without knowing what it means and as if 'good marketing' just magically happens and the money to reach the masses comes out of thin air. If any of you DO know the secrets to mass marketing and know of that GOOD marketing team some of you keep referring to (without providing names and resumes), then I am sure you could actually be a billionaire because I am sure there are companies out there dying for you to give them this elusive list.

How would I fix TNA? Simple. Everything from the ground up is re-examined.

1. The company will not longer be called "TNA". It will be called "Impact!".

2. 4 PPV's per year.

3. Only 5 titles. WHC,TV,KO,Tag,X.

4. Mike Tenay and Taz replaced as commentators.

5. Dale Oliver fired. The web team fired.

6. Elimination of the hard cam. TNA will be shot like the first season of NXT.

7. Flagship show "ReAction".

8. No more on-air authority figures. None. Zero.

9. Christy Hemme replaced as ring announcer.

10. Address the whole "Raw Is War" stage setup and make it unique. Pro wrestling has been presented far too long with the same setup. Something new is needed.

And then of course the mandatory firings: Tenay, Taz, Hemme, Velvet Sky Tara, Garrett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Brooke Hogan, and all the Gut Check winners/losers (except:York, Ryan, and Hendrix). Mr. Anderson and RVD would have to go as well in order to clear up some money and I honestly feel those two guys best days are behind them and there is not much left in the tank.

I would then hire: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Colt Cabana, Kenny Omega, Brian Cage, Cheerleader Melissa, The Young Bucks, Michael Schiavello (commentator).
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