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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Theproof View Post
You know, I was holding off on responding negatively to you until I saw this. So your telling me that just because the WWE fired him he wouldn't be an asset to TNA? Did you even bother to watch any of his recent work before mouthing off and spitting your bs? If you did you would see that he is a talented big man worker who is very good on the mic.

You clearly have a closed minded way of looking at this whole Aces and Eights storyline. This stable isn't about having big shocking reveals that will send shock waves through the wrestling business. It's about introducing new talent to TNA in a different way than just having them show up randomly and beating down on jobbers for a few months. Did you really expect guys like Goldberg or Jericho to show up under the masks? Come on man. There are very few guys that are free agents out there who would create that type of impact like you are expecting. Pretty much all of the guys who would create that type of reaction are either signed with the WWE or are old, washed up veterans who would only have that type of reaction because of their name value. I'm not saying that this angle is perfect or even that good, I'm just saying that I think you set your expectations a little bit too high and you really have nobody to blame but yourself for that. Me? I knew this angle wasn't going to be that great and shocking when D'lo was revealed to be in it. Now I'm just taking it for what it is.

And another thing. I'm getting sick of people who say that former WWE talents shouldn't be signed. All you have to do is look back on the history of wrestling and you will see why that is one of the most ignorant things to say. If the WWE used that same type of thinking that you do back in the monday night wars we would have the WCW still around while the WWE would have folded a long time ago.
Very well said I will add on to it from earlier in this topic:

Originally Posted by Brad` View Post
People much rather have 3 guys show up in bullet proof vest and attack the same guy over and over and over. Which those 3 guys are brunch of no bodies sorry to Jon Moxley and Tyler Black marks but it's true. They're no bodies doing exact same things TNA is doing but it's alright because Jon Moxley and Tyler Black are apart of it. It's doesn't matter what company that these guys were apart of before it's matter about their future and who is in charge of them and what TNA does with them that WWE didn't. I remember in 2002 these certain two guys made a group with two "jobbers" and those two "jobbers" become top guys in WWE. You can also look at this example A Train was in WWF and really didn't do anything good and went to Japan and became a big name when he came back he failed. Some people are just not made for WWE, but are made for other companies so these guys can be made for TNA not WWE.
Only reason why I said that is because you want to bash TNA there you go. Facts are facts you're right TNA is using WWE talents but The Shield members are brunch no bodies also. I mean all of the guys in Aces and 8s can have a big future but you hate on them because they were in WWE before? And the two people who are pretty much confirmed for Aces and 8s shouldn't be label as WWE old stars because they didn't do much in WWE. The fact is people get better over time and just aren't made for WWE but more relax company that actually gives them a shot. What do you people want for the people who get released from WWE, do you want them to sit at home jobless and never get another shot? Another question why is Xavier Woods that's in WWE right now why isn't he looked at as just another TNA "jobber"? Let's keep going as another expample Christan Cage, he never got his chance in WWE and still really hasn't got his chance then when he went to TNA he got his chance to shine. So I look at these people in Aces and 8s as people who never got their chance in WWE and can have their break out moment in TNA. You can hate on TNA and this storyline but don't hate or give a chance to these guys they deserve to at least have chance. One last question so if Aj Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Christopher Daniels, or Kaz ever went to WWE would you look past their talents and call them a jobber because they were in TNA? In my opinion I have enjoy Luke in TNA way more than I ever enjoyed him in his time in WWE.

Sorry that I brought up The Shield in my post but just making a bigger case.

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