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Re: How would you fix TNA

Reality is wrestling is not watched to feel real. Its watched to see over the top personas come to life. Weight limits in any means does not work.If you have guys like Aries that is short and not that heavy.That is probably one of the most over guys in this company.How the hell could he ever have the biggest belt in the company if its weight limits. having those rules interferes with the concept of pro wrestling.Never going to happen.

I think at least this layout is what i would do. which they clearly are heading this way anyways.We all ready are getting less ppv and 2 specials being taped next week. Plus i know for a fact they are going to call the American wrestling brand Impact Wrestling. Just like how they have that king ka ring brand. They are now even calling TNA production with the first impact wrestling episode of 2013

Company name - Impact Wrestling. Short bold but meaningful.

Impact wrestling presents - Reaction
2 hour proper wrestling show. Reaction is a name that defines wrestling.We watch for a reaction. We never know what decision will happen.

Impact wrestling presents - Cross the line.
1 hour more edgy show

6 ppvs tops
Impact Wrestling presents - Bound for glory
Impact Wrestling presents - Lockdown
Ect Ect

6 - 2 hour Saturday or sunday night themed live tv events.

Impact Wrestling - World Championship
Impact Wrestling - X-division Championship
Impact Wrestling - TV title or Impact Championship. Defended every single tv show. So its a defending belt. Which would mean something
Impact Wrestling - Womens Championship
Impact Wrestling - World tag team Championship

Acutely have marketing.

Keep doing what they are doing which is building new talent. Use smaller venues. Who cares if they are in a 4 thousand max arena.As well its sold out thats what matters.Noone cares about seeing a massive arena pretending to be fall on camera side.

Make each show feel different from each other for dam sakes.It could be cheap and help in the long run. No reason why they cant have a easy unque Main show stage set.That could easily be changed to another simple ppv stage.

"If you want it bad enough you'll find a way, if you don't want it bad enough you'll find an excuse."

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