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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Theproof View Post
You know, I was holding off on responding negatively to you until I saw this. So your telling me that just because the WWE fired him he wouldn't be an asset to TNA? Did you even bother to watch any of his recent work before mouthing off and spitting your bs? If you did you would see that he is a talented big man worker who is very good on the mic.
Personally I don't think that he wouldn't be a asset to TNA, but I think making a big deal as Tenay was about him being a former WWE midcarder isn't a good way to introduce some of these guys. For a majority of the WWE careers of guys like Knox and Gallows they were booked like midcard nobodies. When guys are depicted a certain way for a long time, it's difficult for large portion of the audience to view them as any other way. When these reveals were made most fans either thought, "Who?", or, "Oh, it's...that guy." By reminding the fans of these guys low standing in the bigger company will most likely cause the fans to view them in such a way and might make it difficult for the audience to take them seriously.

You clearly have a closed minded way of looking at this whole Aces and Eights storyline. This stable isn't about having big shocking reveals that will send shock waves through the wrestling business. It's about introducing new talent to TNA in a different way than just having them show up randomly and beating down on jobbers for a few months. Did you really expect guys like Goldberg or Jericho to show up under the masks? Come on man. There are very few guys that are free agents out there who would create that type of impact like you are expecting. Pretty much all of the guys who would create that type of reaction are either signed with the WWE or are old, washed up veterans who would only have that type of reaction because of their name value. I'm not saying that this angle is perfect or even that good, I'm just saying that I think you set your expectations a little bit too high and you really have nobody to blame but yourself for that. Me? I knew this angle wasn't going to be that great and shocking when D'lo was revealed to be in it. Now I'm just taking it for what it is.
It the reveal isn't going to be shocking then they shouldn't act like it is, build it as such, or even do the reveal. An unmasking reveal would work well is it's someone like D'Lo, or Devon, or Garrett and Wes because they've already been established on the show as faces and them turning and being the mystery men is shocking. However, having Knox, or Gallows, or Compton (if he's still in the group) being a shocking reveal doesn't work as well and probably should be a reveal at all.

And another thing. I'm getting sick of people who say that former WWE talents shouldn't be signed. All you have to do is look back on the history of wrestling and you will see why that is one of the most ignorant things to say. If the WWE used that same type of thinking that you do back in the monday night wars we would have the WCW still around while the WWE would have folded a long time ago.
The problem with them signing former WWE talent is that the WWE talent usually gets treated better than the homegrown guys because they're "established". The fact is some of us like the homegrown talent more than the former WWE talent that TNA signs and it sucks when the homegrown talent gets depushed or less tv time for these guys. Also, some of these former WWE talent are old and pushing them doesn't make sense if you consider the long term investment.
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