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Re: Who's the worst Commissioner in the big 4 sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB)?

It's David Stern by FAR.

I can understand why many people have chosen Bettman, but in all fairness, his position was the worst/hardest of the lot. He leads the least popular of the four sports, and it had an unintelligent CBA put in place that doomed the league due to actual revenues not matching up well enough against players salaries.

But Stern? My god. . .how anyone can not vote that guy boggles my mind. Bettman may be a below average commisioner, but Stern is an extremely corrupt one. Give me an inept commisioner over a corrupt one any day. I may not get to see NHL every year, but when I do, at least I know every team has a chance and not just Stern's hand-picked top 5.

There's a huge, long history of Stern rigging lotteries (with both video and frequent and repeated mathamatecial improbabilities of "convienient" teams gettting picks way higher than they should as evidence), rigging playoff series, even rigging regular season games.

Examples: The bent envelope conspiracy for the Knicks to get Patrick Ewing. The shameless gifting of the expansion team Orlando Magic two straight #1 picks to get that team started which ran something like a 0.01% chance of happening legitimately, and it convieniently happened immediately? lmao, sure Stern. The Bulls getting the guy from Chicago, Derrick Rose, with a 0.8% chance of landing the top pick to help get that team back on it's feet after struggling for a decade after Jordan's departure.

Or even more embarrassing, last year's lottery where every single team statistically got drafted in the order their chances would dictate. . .except the Hornets, the team the NBA just sold in the offseason, who jumped up 3 spots to get the #1 pick. It was like they wanted everything to seem in order so the Hornets getting the top pick wouldn't look as shady. Only it looked even worse.

Stern is the worst. Rampant history of game fixing and draft lottery fixing. Gimmie a mediocre commisioner over him ANY day.

Originally Posted by TKOK View Post
Bettman objectively imo. But fuck stern, fucked my team out of a title chance.
Which team? The Spurs? Stern seems to have some deep-seated hatred for that team. I feel bad for their fans.

500k fine for resting a few players? lol, wtf.
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