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Re: Dark Souls - October 4th, 2011

I used the Halberd two handed for awhile until I could use it safely with only on hand. But thankfully while acquiring it I also had the awesome Gravelord Sword as well, which i could use by one, and two handed. Also I think the Grass Crest Shield also increase Stamina slightly, so it's good for that.

Right, so I went down into Blighttown and I'm so glad I had a few Blooming Purple Moss which helped me out against those assholes using Toxic Darts. Every other enemy was pretty simple. Also had a lot of Purple Moss so on occasion I would use them. Still Blighttown was a bit of a fun trek down to the bottom, went through Valley of Drakes to get there. Took a while for me to get to the bottom, and when I did I went left... I did eventually get to her Domain, missed most of those Boulder Giants outside. Only had to take out 2 that were hiding in the corner.

As for the Quelaag fight, that was pretty simple. It does help that the Helberd at +4 is insanely awesome. But it didn't take that many hits to kill her. Maybe five or six. Then I rang the bell and joined the Chaos Covenant. Don't really know why I even bother with these other than to get the achievement. Stopped at a Bonfire just past the Domain with a lot of Lava surrounding it, forgot the name, then I went to bed. So I'll explore that area in the morning.

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