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Originally Posted by chr1st0 View Post
Right proper case on Mikey since sxe's was pretty rubbish.

Says he is going to bring boobs to the thread, doesn't. Such a scummy thing to do

This post just didn't sit right with me.

Fluff reasons out of the way, wagoned skyfall following dan's awful logic on inventor role fake claim botch. Perhaps I'm over estimating mikey but he along with alco (tbc), dan (scum) and cp (scum) should have really known that skyfalls role was plausible.

Is fairly apparent from numerous posts he hasn't really been paying attention to the game

But still has reads (with no basis, ie copying others reads)

defends names out of a hat read as if they were worth anything

Again showing he hasn't payed attention and some fishing

More fishing!

Claims to have had a read on LC, although it didn't surface until 3/4 other players were already questioning her absence and there was also info (similar to sxe and dans read)

Comes up with terrible theory to wagon inactives. Scum were blocking TKOK every night, therefore at least 1 of them is active.

Not even going to bother quoting how awful he comes across off the doc lynch, it's fairly apparent.

Actually going through his 70 odd posts there was very little of substance (yes I know you posted reads that were golden) in there, fairly costing.

So in summary, no boobs = scum

Alco why did you lynch skyfall?

Can't see roy being town bg, wouldn't see scum trying to kill sxe if he is town
Not a bad theory, though not paying attention is not a scumtell. Mikey is town IMO. His confusion last day phase seemed pretty legit as I did the same thing, though he did take a little too long to figure out Doc, I don't see it as a scumtell as he would have likely jumped on earlier instead of drawing so much attention to himself. Also he replaced McLovin who I was getting a big town vibe from.
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