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Re: sXe_Maverick


Originally Posted by JihadJake View Post
sXe_Maverick, why are you such a cunt? Almost all of my negitive reputation has been from you thus far unless it has been from a post that I probably deserved to recive it. Do you have some kind of problem with me or are you just a bunghole?
Have a sook over the red square you insignificant little cunt. Or rather, go 'bust' your mate choking his chicken again. Faggot.

You are a worthless pile of trash whose sob story rants that seek sympathy from an online community just reek of desperation. You lack acceptance in the real world, seek it online, only to get it thrown back in your face. You have failed at life, and there is not much hope for that to be rectified. Go sit in the corner like the little bitch that you are.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Looks like you got another one, Benjamin.

Originally Posted by Froot View Post
He's huggable, but not the most subtle human being in the world, and he has a tendency to engage in random arguments around Rants, that are usually dead within the hour, following his initial input (although, this could be allocated to his standard timezone).

Oh yeah, and he's a teacher. So that's something.
Too right it's something.

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
he seems kind of overly angry sometimes. Like, he'll come into a thread and multiquote who he thinks is acting like an idiot and MERCILESSLY blast their FACES with a STICK. Maybe his students suck and he needs to take his anger out on the many foolish fools online.

Do your students call you Mr. WallaBen? If so, reply with the Yeah1993 Like Button.
No anger at all, just calling a spade a spade.

Sadly they don't. Although my stage 1 class this year were thrilled that they knew my real name.

Originally Posted by CHAMPviaDQ View Post
I'm just waiting for the day that he starts grading posts.

Originally Posted by Danny 310 View Post
I'm still mad at sXe.
You've been mad for months.

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
does sxe honestly go around red repping people all day on here? absolutely serious question, this is like the 10th person to say make this same rant and it seems like sxe does this all day to the noobs. I will admit it is hilarious though.
Absolutely not. I see a dumb post or rant, something Jake is a master at, and give a red square to it. Then the hilarity ensues when the butthurt twats rage about it.

The only ones I give a repeat dose to are the ones who overreact. I must have red repped WAGG a hundred times last year, he no sells them and it loses its luster. Yet I give a red to danny, he rages like a bitch, and thus gives the ammo to give him another. Asenath is another who gets dat rage for the red.

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
He pretty much uses it as a troll method, and it seems to be very effective. People only get upset because his rep drags their rep down hard and in to the red real fast. Take a look at how fast Danny's rep went from 3 to 1.
Well it wasn't all me, that one. My power isn't even that much.

Originally Posted by TKOK View Post
what does he put in those red reps to piss people off?

Originally Posted by ROGERTHAT21 View Post
^Probably nothing but a period. The fact that people may be getting red repped for no reason probably pisses them off.
Spot on

Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
Praise him for being a teacher...

... ignore the fact it's because he wants "to be near" little children.
Hey fuck you guy, I'm not McQueen or Rush.
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