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Re: Why do we continue to watch?

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
Has anyone here noticed that Vince McMahon has reinvented wrestling a dozen times, and created a bunch of different characters? If he didn't create them, he at least created the platform for them. WCW sat on Undertaker, Triple H, and Stone Cold. When Kurt Angle asked Ric Flair which company to sign with, Flair said to sign with Vince, because Vince would come up with a character, and sure enough we have the condescending role model that (along with The Rock) made me a wrestling fan. The entire sports entertainment model comes from Vince, with the exception of the nWo, which is with guys that Vince made into recognizable stars. If you don't want his cartoon world of crazy characters, go watch ROH or Japanese wrestling. If you want a crappy version of sports entertainment, watch TNA. Vince is the reason we're all fans.
Other great Vince McMahon creations:
Bastion Booger-guy was ugly enough, but add snot to every promo and then have him eating an ice cream bar in order to sell it...
Red Rooster-Take Terry Taylor, one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, give him a red comb look to his hair, and come to the ring with rooster crows..and play a wrestler who didn't know any holds.
Repo Man
i could go on and on and on..
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