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Re: Lucha Libre Match/Show Discussion/Reviews

Jerry Estrada vs La Fiera, Chain Match, Monterrey (1991)


Pure Lucha brawl, so anyone familiar with that knows what to expect. Amazing punches, nutty bumps, a really reckless environment and some great selling. There's something to really love about Monterrey brawls, the setting is just eerily beautiful with the ring torn to bits and looking contaminated with all forms of human DNA and the way they work the match gives of this really intimate atmosphere of two hobos battling for the first bit of food they see. So many brilliant punches and punch drunk selling from both men with Estrada bumping all over the places and having his face torn to shreds by Fiera's punches and chain attacks. They really incorporate the chain brilliantly into the match with numerous bumps and transitions coming into play because of the restriction the chain imposes on them, and Fiera in particular uses the chain to choke Estrada around the ring and in a brilliant spot where he appears to render Estrada impotent by digging the chain into his crotch whilst also pulling back to torque the spine. Estrada hits an absolutely spectacular tope into the seats when Fiera makes the mistake of pulling him closer into the ropes and I adored him headbutting the referee on the outside when he attempted to interfere with his beating of Fiera. There's also an incredible over the top rope suplex spot when Fiera staggers backwards into the ropes and both men just tumble to the floor, looked hideous and unco-operative and basically summed up the entire match.

Its not beautiful or graceful, but its got an innate charm from the atmosphere, to the punch drunk selling and theatrical bumps. The grainy raw footage just completes the seediness and almost filthy nature that is this match. Finish is fucking atrocious however. I knew going in it was the lowpoint of the match, but even I didn't think they'd do such a blatantly stupid finish.

Sangre Chicana vs El Perro Aguayo, Hair vs Hair (2/28/86)


Best wrestling discovery I have ever made? This would do well to leave my top 3 brawls of all time truth be told and on first watch it feels like a surefire MOTDC. The chemistry these two men have is frightfully good. The punches, the bumping, the expressive selling, the build and pacing through to the final fall, their ability to make themselves come off as superstars and create this magnetic and pulsating atmosphere that immerces itself into every nearfall in the 3rd fall (of which there are at least 20) is second to none. Chicana is such an underrated brawler, technico and arguably as a worker in general. His offence is magnificent, his expressive selling as compelling and gripping as anyone that has come out of America and he just controls a crowd throughout the match. Perro to his credit isn't far behind and really manages to come off as the ultimate foil to the beloved Chicana. His offence, bumping and timing is extraordinary and he contributes just as much to the match and sequences as Chicana does. All the heat and control segments are enthralling and brilliant with both men timing everything to perfection and bumping stupendously to draw the crowd into everything. Chicana's comeback and its entire build and payoff in the 2nd caida is some of the most beautiful work I've seen in Lucha, and it all stems from the emphatic beating he takes in the opening caida and throughout the second. I can't describe just how violent, authentic and passionate the sequences between these two feel. It truly has that vibrant feel that you only get from two of the very best in this sort of setting.

The final fall may be a top 3 I've seen from Lucha. There's an absurd amount of nearfalls but they build the monumental nearfalls (any submission as well as a couple of quick desperate roll ups) as pivotal and even the minor nearfalls are paced and sold well enough that you can excuse them as just emphasising the desire to win. Neither man cares about following up on offence, the minute their opponent collapses to the ground they'll drop to pin him and save their hair. The dives in the final fall again add to the escalating drama and put over the need to win the match, Chicana's however is the best of the bunch and looks spine shattering as Perro crashes into a row of seats upon impact. The crowd as well add so much to the match, but especially that deciding caida. Every punch, every kick, every nearfall gets a reaction and you can feel the terror in their voices whenever Chicana looks to be on the brink of defeat and the bedlam when he manages to force his way back into the match. Honestly, if you're not a Lucha enthusiast the final fall could prove to much for you, but when you come to understand the psychology in Lucha hair matches and especially the importance of that final fall, this was just awe inspiring.
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