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Knockouts Division:Bring out the Jumper Cables?

You know for awhile now the Knockouts Division has outclassed the ladies in the WWE.In a company where they choose their Divas based on their look more so, if they are trusted enough to put on a show in TNA it's the opposite.Now as it's better it does need the jumper cables to bring it back to life in my opinion.Tara being the current Knockouts champ is more worried about trying to get heat for Jesse than making the Knockout Division back to it's glory days at this point.I think TNA right now is running outta ideas, and just is putting together matches for the sake of it without a story behind it.Example two weeks ago Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim, and both of two ladies in a Tag Team Match this week.Wait people are saying that makes sense?Think about it Mickie and Velvet were promoted on their returns why have that match last week when you had two of the most popular Knockouts in the Division not wrestle? Let's go through the Divas Division and see what they are doing at the moment?

Madison Rayne:No Longer the Queen?
-What happened to her, this beauty...Queen was once of the Knockouts Champion? Remember when she broke away from the beautiful people most people didn't know who she was, but boy she made her mark as a heel Knockouts Champion.Lately Rayne is a puppet to Gail Kim in tag team matches or she's getting face planted into the mat to make Mickie and Velvet look great.

ODB:Stop looking for Fried Chicken and let's fight?
-Everytime I'm seeing her she's talking about where's EY, and talking about we need to defend out titles.She's needs to get back to the ODB as Knockouts Champion, and one of the strongest Female Wrestlers I've seen ever.With all her "liquid courage" she is still very popular with the crowd in the Impact soon, wished she was put in spot to where she can stop being looked like a fool.

Brooke Tessmacher:If you wanna show your ass all the time, just do porn and stay outta Wrestling?
-Now I must say Brooke has some beautiful assets from behind, but this is Wrestling let's start doing it baby girl.Remember the reason why you became champ it was for you hard work, and TNA wanting to make new stars in the Division.If just wanna give Men boners you can still do it at a Local Strip joint.You don't see Velvet putting Women in her groin, even though it's entertaining to watch it's like enough.Maybe if she improves her skills in the Wrestling she can become more of a threat in the Divison.

Gail Kim:Loss her will?
-I'm not sure if it's because of being married and being home with her hubbie Robert Irvine from Dinner:Impossible or it's that Gail knows she has to wait her time, but why wait Gail? You were still my Diva of the Year for TNA because you came straight back into TNA and won the Knockout Tag Team Title and Knockout singles title itself.You put great matches with Mickie James and even Velvet in a Cage, why wait.She can be the top heel if she wants to, the time is now Gail, the time is now!

Velvet Sky:The Pigeon Army still behind her?
-Well she's back in TNA and has she done anything to get a title shot? She hasn't been on TV in two weeks, weird for a Women who wants to be Knockouts Champion.Now last time Velvet held the title it was taken from her by Gail Kim before TNA could of found out if she was deserving of the belt or not? You came back to TNA to what sit on the bench, I pretty sure WWE gave you a deal with more money I imagine time to stop talking about how you underused and how you were of the originals in the Knockouts Division that really took off years it, time to prove it.The Pigeon Army is waiting for her to sit on her stoop as champ, and I think it will happen sooner rather than later if TNA is smart.

Mickie James:Honeymoon over?
-I remember when Mickie came into TNA I think she woke up everyone on the roster, and she's done great in her reigns as Champion.Mickie is willing to make someone look good as she's taken losses to girls less talented than her, but sometimes it not about the title it's about bringing prestige to the Division itself.Now Mickie is back, better in shape and wanting that Knockouts Title.I've been saying though Mickie did well as psycho Mickie in WWE, I wouldn't mind Velvet vs Mickie and the return of her character to return to see something fresh from her.

Tara:Tarantula bite might of fogged your mind?
-Like I said in the opening statement Tara is become a prop for Jesse to get over with the crowd, but it should be the other way around for a guy barely anyone knows, and wants to put in a coma.Start defending her title like you used to, with no fear.Your the leader of the Knockouts Divison being the most respected, the ladies will follow your lead.

Now I thought about if TNA wants to get some new talent, or bring back some returning Women Wrestlers why not start with Awesome Kong.She was one of the most dominating Women Wrestlers in history not just in TNA but in Wrestling in general.Why not Madison Eagles? She doesn't have the look, but damnit she is a beast in that Ring, and this isn't WWE to where look is everything.Also Serena Deeb yes the bald headed girl with the Striaght Edge Society.I would of wished WWE would of let her wrestle, she is a great talent.So how do you guys feel about the Division, and how they can fix them, talent etc?

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