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Re: Kevin Nash Comments About Goldberg?

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
on the legends roundtable and just today i saw a article about nash saying how goldberg's smash window that broke his arm was the reason the fingerpook of doom was partly ruined

but that was a entire year later, over 1 year after the streak ended, it never made sense

he jumped all the way 1 year ahead, if goldberg broke his arm in jan 99 he might have a point, but none of this makes sense?
Originally Posted by HeatWave View Post
Hogan wanted the belt so there was nothing Nash could do, he never planned on winning the belt just to lose it a week later. Plan was for Nash to take belt off of Goldberg, and reform NWO and throughout the year, Goldberg would go through the NWO and then regain the belt..Around that time supposedly Goldberg was losing steam and those canned Goldberg cheers were starting up so they needed something to do with him besides mashing ppl while he had the belt.

That's why Nash blames Goldberg because Goldberg ruined what was supposed to happen which was a long storyline to begin with, but Goldberg taking himself out of the picture by getting hurt in Nash's eyes makes the fingerpoke look worse because the payoff never occurred which was Goldberg getting revenge on NWO and taking back the belt. had that occurred, maybe the fingerpoke wouldn't be so remembered

Finger poke of doom: Nitro January 4, 1999
Hogan proceeds to feud with Ric Flair for 2 PPVs until he loses the belt to DDP in a fatal four way in April.

Goldberg feuded with Hall in January, then Bam Bam Bigelow in February, then finally Nash in April, then Sting in May where was "injured" by the Steiner brothers to write him out so he could go film Universal Soldier The Return. Then he comes back in August to feud with Rick Steiner. Feuds with DDP, then Sid, then Bret Hart. Which takes us to...

Goldberg injures himself breaking nWo limousine window: Thunder December 23, 1999
Goldberg was to feud with the nWo when he hurt himself but it was the silver nWo (Hart, Jarrett, Steiner, Nash, Hall, Harris Brothers)

This idea that the Finger Poke of Doom was to lead to Golberg Vs. nWo is complete bullshit.

So either Nash fucked up and remembered everything wrong or he is trying to take the heat off of himself.

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