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Re: Could The 2013 Rumble Match Be The Most Star Studded Ever?

Originally Posted by ToddTheBod View Post
If you want to say that past Rumbles have lacked because some of the entrants you knew going into the match weren't going to win, well the same goes for this year.

You brought up people like The Shield, Maddox, Mid Carders like Kofi, Truth, Cesaro, Barrett, etc.. You know those guys aren't going to win. Just as you know it's not going to be Cara, Rey, Kane or Bryan.

I think the only viable winners for this rest in Cena, Sheamus, Orton or Ryback. Sure it could be a fun rumble (and I can easily see how it could be better then the last 2-3) but there are plenty of entrants you know aren't going home with the winner.

You can argue the "filler" spots will be more interesting (which I agree with) but that doesn't mean the unpredictably of it all (or lack thereof) means there are more "stars" involved.
Perhaps my wording was wrong. Again last year, we saw entrants like all of the commentators, Ricardo, and a bunch of a lower card guys like Hunico, Khali, Primo, Epico, Hacksaw, Jinder, The Usos. There were just a bucnh of guys that I just didn't give a damn about.

I know the people you mentioned won't win, (although Bryan has a slim chance in my eyes) but they won't waste a spot. In the eyes of the casual fans, all of the guys you mentioned have been featured prominently on TV for months. Just b/c people on the internet know that "this person won't win", that doesn't mean everyone else does. When they see guys like Kane, Bryan, Barrett, Cesaro, Kofi, The Shield (I agree about Maddox) they will think that maybe these guys can win or at least cause a lot of damage.

There are always 3-4 guys who will probably win the Rumble match. But the difference between a lot of other Rumbles and my perceived vision of this one is that there will be much more interesting stars involved, which in my book counts as star power.

So, we respectfully disagree.

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