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Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

San Diego California, RIMAC Arena
NWF Saturday Night Warzone

We open to a pyro and an introduction from Don West and Matt Striker.

Welcome to NWF Warzone! On a beautiful Saturday night, i'm here with my partner Don West.
Thanks Matt, right here tonight Jigsaw takes on Jason Gory in some cruiserweight action. Jerry Lynn has a triple challenge in front of him with two opponents, and Ace Steel has to team with Petey williams in our opening hour.
Jason Gory Vs Jigsaw

Jason enters the ring to a dark entrance as Jigsaw also enters to a decent reaction. This cruiserweight match is an exciting bout between the two as the fight was anyone's ball game. Jason got a slight advantage after hitting a super kick and then a moonsault from the top rope. Jigsaw just kicked out. Jason then turns around to a chanting sound...

Everyone looks around the arena and Jigsaw hits a swinging neckbreaker on the unsuspecting Gory and gets the pinfall.

Your Winner: Jigsaw

Jason lays in the ring holding his neck as Krimson appears on the screen.

Just one week Jason...and everything comes together. Tell the Alliance of Darkness i said "Hi" by the way...no...no i'll tell them myself. But don't worry i'll find time in my oh so busy schedule...for you Gory...Krimson like the mask...
Jason then rushes out of the ring as heads backstage we notice Jeff Jarrett holding up his guitar as Austin Creed is hitting a punching bag in his locker room. Jarrett laughs at him and walks past. We then cut to the ring as Rocky Romero is entering, then following by Tony Mamaluke. Jerry Lynn also makes his entrance to a big pop.

Jerry Lynn Vs Rocky Romero Vs Tony Mamaluke

A bout even more exciting than the last with the extra man involved. Rocky then takes control is taking down both Tony and Lynn. He hits a double DDT and a mid air senton on both of them. He goes for a pin but Tony is freed from the pin by Jerry. Lynn then locks on a sleeper hold and Tony drop kicks them both. Mamaluke then puts a guillotine on Rocky and almost gets a tap but Jerry Lynn puts a dragon sleeper on him and Tony taps, then Rocky taps.

Your Winner: Jerry Lynn

He celebrates and we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break ends

We come back and Sadistic Fame is backstage as Kendrick is wearing a shiny jacket he just bought, as Sydistiko is sitting down talking to himself. Petey Williams, holding his title, walks past and chuckles a bit, after he does so he gets a surprise. Sydistiko tackles him and starts swinging at him. Kendrick joins in and Ace Steel pushes them both off. They hit the ring and the two talk.

Don't be happy, i only need you standing so i can take that belt from you at Punishment, now get up.
The two then hit the ring as well and a brawl starts and the bell is rung.

Petey Williams and Ace Steel Vs Sadistic Fame

the bout starts off as a stiff fight until the ref regains order. Kendrick goes in and is tested fairly well against Williams. He chop blocks his knee and Steel is tagged in, who does not take this lightly. Brian is roughed up a lot in the match until Sydistiko does a heel kick off the top rope. Ace is pummeled by the team and Petey joins in the fight. The ref cannot gain control. Sydistiko then takes a cheap shot at Ace's knee and locks on a sharpshooter. Kendrick stomps on Ace too after he drop kicked Petey out of the ring.

Ace refuses to tap but Sydistiko isn't even the legal man. Petey then grabs Kendrick and hits the Canadian Destroyer. The ref has to ring the bell and declare the match a double disqualification because no one went back to their corners.

This match is a Double DQ

Sydistiko then gets a pair of brass knuckles and tries to hit Petey, but Picture Perfect hits the ring and stops them. Ace then crawls out of the ring and pushes Williams off from helping him. Ace Steel leaves the ring and goes back to his locker room. Sadistic Fame clear out and Picture Perfect and Petey get a cheer from the crowd.

Commercial break

Back at the show Shelton Benjamin is in the ring with a mic.

Heh...last year was something special. It was 2012...and it was the tenth year since me and Charlie Haas have been teaming. Then i realized it...we weren't going a damn place. We'd been on national TV...we'd been on the indies. What else is left? A damn rehash of the past decade! That's what's left! I ain't saying this is about Charlie...i got no hate for my brother...but this has been the same thing too long.
Charlie Haas then enters the ring and takes the mic.

You believe all that brother?...well...I guess i can't hate you for wanting to have real success. I'm not gonna fight you, and i'm not gonna complain about, but-
Scott Steiner and Chris Masters are at the top of the stage.

Woah woah boys, me and Scotty here, we had our problems but the true Standard is back together, and it seems like we just got a bit taken away from us.
You broke down fat boys just givin' up? Awww your little butt buddy doesn't want to be a team anymore? The "world's greatest" right? You two couldn't clean my jock let alone wipe your own asses!
...I'll handle this one Scott. The point is we've just gotten things straightened out, and you two just decided to drop out. That means we'll never get to beat you two at the top of your game. We're throwing out a challenge, one last match.
If you two little boys won't accept, we'll just take you down anyway!
Chris hangs his head in disapproval, as he wants to settle this peacefully.

If Shelton accepts...then we'll take the match.
One last time brother...one last time.
Chris then walks Scott to the back as The World's Greatest Tag Team walk to the back for the final time as a team. Masters then comes back out alone as he flexes, Cliff Compton attacks him and smashes his head off the barricade. Steiner is nowhere to be seen.

Possibly cleaning his jock or wiping his ass.
Cliff then tosses Masters in the ring and targets his elbow. The bell rings and Cliff stomps on his elbow. He locks on the armbar and Chris picks him up and powerbombs him with one arm. Cliff gets the wind knocked out of him and Chris puts the Masterlock on. Compton can't escape the hold as he falls asleep, he gets a foot on the rope by pure luck.

Chris tosses him aside and flexes while standing on him. Cliff then takes a cheap shot at his ribs and rakes his eyes. Compton then hits a DDT. He takes Chris to the middle of the ring to hit the Cliff hanger, but Masters reverses out of it and pummels Cliff. Compton tries to take the pad off the turnbuckle but Chris gets the Masterlock again and Cliff taps out with nowhere to go.

Your Winner: Chris Masters

As Cliff is immobile, Bob Holly grabs a mic and gets in the ring.

While you're incapacitated i'll take this time. You've called me a bully right? Well it looks like you can't even try to compare yourself to me. I've never been the nicest guy, but i damn sure ain't a wimp who taps out as soon as someone actually puts a hold on. You can't fight without weapons or cheating, so after the announcement by DDP. At Punishment, it's me versus you. But they decided to throw you a bone, a New York Street Fight. I'm not going to injure you, i won't try to cripple you, but if you cross the line i will put you down.
Holly leaves the ring and a commercial break.

Break ends.

We come back to Lex Luger in his office with DDP by him. He announces the following card for Punishment.

Carlito Colon Vs Antonio Bank$ for the World title
M-Dogg 20 Vs Elijah Burke Vs Rhyno Vs Jarrett No. 1 contender for the World title
Sadistic Fame Vs Picture Perfect: Tag team titles, tables match
Cliff Compton Vs Bob Holly New York Street Fight
Tyson Kidd Vs Jerry Lynn Dog Collar Match
The Great Muta Vs the winner of Shad Gaspard Vs Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Team Bank$ Vs The Basham Brothers, if they defeat The Tailor Made Express next week.
The Standard Vs The World's Greatest Tag Team

Benjamin refuses to wrestle more than one match, so The Tailor Made Express will replace them. He then states that Jushin Liger will be accepted despite being a cruiserweight, as a punishment for the acts of the Alliance of Darkness.

Luger also states Marco Corleone will return some time next month. He then says if the Alliance gets out of hand again, further action will be taken. The President also issues an apology to NBC for the acts of Antonio Bank$ and M-Dogg 20. In last the words according to Bank$, he will not show up tonight because of the dangers of the show, but a satellite chat will be done with him and Carlito Colon.

Back to the ring as Jeff Jarrett is holding a guitar, he issues a "Guitar shot challenge."

I also like to call this the "Big Daddy" challenge. If anyone wants to accept, feel free.
Austin Creed then shadowboxes to the ring as Jeff laughs at him.

You? Carl Weathers rip off? Oh boy, you just want to piss me off. Here, take this.
He hands him a guitar.

The first person to drop someone with a guitar wins.
...that's just stupid. Is that really what you came up with? A guitar shot challenge?
Jeff then gets annoyed by him and does a count down, he only ends at 2 and breaks it over his head. He laughs at him and kicks him

As he stomps on him, Mr. Wrestling III appears under the ring and grabs a guitar, He swings for Jeff but misses and hits the camera man. We get the view from the camera as it falls. Security hits the ring and tries to restrain Mr. Wrestling, then armed police officers rush down for him. He escapes via under the ring, as they look and he's not there.

Commercial break

As we come back Picture Perfect is in the ring and The Tailor Made Express come out. Riley yells at the crowd, bragging that he's a natural as Kidman surprises him.

Picture Perfect Vs The Tailor Made Express

Burchill dominates the other team, until he slips up because of Alex distracting him. Kidman uses his veteran knowledge to gain a hold of the bout. Riley tries to get tagged in but Paul is teamed against by Kidman and Evans. Jack then hits a 1080 splash as Burchill is almost out cold, Alex runs in and Kidman hits a facebreaker. Evans gets the one,two, three thanks to Riley goofing up.

Your Winners: Picture Perfect

Backstage the Alliance of initiating Lizmark.

You swear an oath to the Alliance of Darkness. The true saviors in this business we've chosen to grace. Marco has been cleared because of your actions, you now join us, Lizmark Jr.
Thank you father, and M-Dogg. You're next.
The camera follows him to the ring as Lizmark awaits M-Dogg 20. He then walks out, surrounded by police officers to watch over him.

Lizmark Jr. Vs M-Dogg 20

Lizmark seems to have an advantage early on. M-Dogg then flips the tables on him and starts to get momentum. He lands a brutal pile driver and then a splash off the top rope. James Mitchell is flipping out. M-Dogg then lines him up for a shooting star press finale. But as he goes for it he notices someone in the crowd. Lizmark pushes the ropes and he hits the post. Jr. then lands the sitout powerbomb and gets the victory.

Your Winner: Lizmark Jr.

A man in a skull cap then rushes out of the arena before cameras get a good look at him.

M-Dogg 20 is a marked man, and who knows how much longer he has left before he's taken out. The Alliance, Mr. Wrestling, Bank$, Krimson everyone is after this guy.
A recap of the Jimmy Fallon show and the Time Test Challenge as Elijah Burke warms up.

Final break

Backstage with Lanny Poffo

As an agent here it's my job to bring in true talent. And that i've done. Jay Bradley and Johnny Gargano will be here soon, i've also signed the red hot team of the PR Powers. The San Juan Kid and The PR Flyer. I've also taken the liberty to sign female talent, the Dark Angel Sarita. Isis will now have a "gal pal" as i'm almost sure you'll get along. Even now, I have a new talent with me.
Thank you for bringing me here sir.
Quiet down boy. You are indeed "Sick" Nick Mondo. You have more injuries than Bob Backlund has submission holds. You career was ended at 23...you're 32 now. I'm giving you the chance of a lifetime. If i see you with a nose bleed, a scratched elbow, if you even bleed when you go to the bathroom, you're done. Now leave my office, and remember this is for your own good. I'm a believer, but not that big of one.
Back to the ring for the main event.
The Main Event
"The Savior Elijah Burke Vs Colt Cabana w/ Bob Backlund

Colt is on a losing streak and he has to go for broke tonight. He puts his all into the match until Elijah lands the 4-Up and Colt is stumbling. Backlund shouts at him but Cabana can't pull it together. Burke then sets up the Express, but Colt reverses it and does some classic mat wrestling.

Bob then calms down as he hits multiple German suplexes on him. Elijah however does not give up. He lands a stalling suplex and Colt is brought down to earth. He then sets up the Express and finally hits it. Cabana only gets one foot on the rope by chance. Colt then locks on the Chicken wing for Backlund and Elijah almost taps but gets the rope. Elijah then hits a double knee facebreaker, followed by the STO.

He follows up with a right hook to the skull and Colt is out cold. Burke hooks the leg, one, two, three.

Your Winner: Elijah Burke

Backlund is furious as he rolls Colt out of the ring, who is hardly moving. Elijah hits the back and Antonio Bank$ is on the screen, he's at his Californian home.

-Home of Antonio Bank$-

This show is obviously too dangerous for Antonio to be around. So i'll settle business here. Monty and Tarver gotthe night off, considering it's too late for anyone to pick a fight now. And M-Dogg got a taste of revenge. i'm only using my assets to make up for the injustice of what happened on the Jimmy Fallon show. First that Caribbean bitch Carlito shows up, then the clowns in masks! This is not a game!
A knock on the door.

Hold up, just chill.
The camera man follows anyway.

"III" is spray painted on his limo and he sees the limo drive off. He pushes the camera man out and locks the door. The man turns to see Carlito Colon in jeans and a t shirt ready to fight. The camera man tells him he locked up and someone just took off with his car.

Is anyone else here? Antonio must not have accounted someone planning. The guards are gone and it's time to kick his spoiled ass.
He responds with a no as Carlito peaks through the windows. He tries to bust the door down but they spot lights up the street. A car pulls up. Tarver and Monty rush after him out the car. Brown tackles him and Michael pushes the camera man off. Monty slams him on the drive way and Antonio walks out the house. He laughs as Monty drags him and Michael takes a few shots. Antonio smacks him in the face and they toss him aside. Carlito then picks up a rock and crawls. He tosses the rock at Tarver's back and tackles Monty.

Colon and Brown brawl in the grass. Carlito then lands a knee to Monty and low blows Tarver. He pushes Bank$ away and kicks Michael in the head. He tackles Antonio into the house. The two fight through the living room and Antonio smacks him with a glass. Blood drips from his forehead and he lies there bloodied. Monty gets back in the house and Colon is still trying to fight, he lands a rib punch, but it does nothing. Tarver limps in and they pick him up and slam him through the coffee table.

Forget this punk. I'll buy a whole new house if it means he ain't making it to Punishment!
We get a final view of Carlito bloodied on the table. Brown spits on him as Antonio breathes heavily. Police sirens then go off and the show ends.

Matt Cross Wanted Dead Not Alive.
National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Can NBC's new stake in wrestling survive?


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