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Could The 2013 Rumble Match Be The Most Star Studded Ever?

The success of a Royal Rumble match (while not always) is very dependent on the amount of star power in the match. You can always tell in the build up to the Rumble match how it may turn out. Most of the time you will either say #1. "This match is loaded, this is gonna be great" or #2. "There are so many fillers, this match is gonna drag. Let me use some examples.

The 2001 Royal Rumble match was the perfect example of star power. You had Stone Cold, Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Rikishi (who at the time was being pushed as a top guy), etc. Even though you had several fillers, it was overshadowed by Kane's great performance, The Brothers of Destruction reuniting, The storyline between HHH and Stone Cold, etc. An even greater example is the 2002 match which had Stone Cold, a returning HHH, Taker, Kane, Big Show, Kurt Angle, RVD, Booker T, etc. You've also had Rumble matches like 2005 that had a terrific mix of top stars and rising mid carders.

Then you have matches that lack star power, have many fillers, etc. You only need to look back one year at last year's Rumble match to see the perfect example. Sure, you still had some top guys like Orton, Jericho, Sheamus, Miz, etc. But you also didn't have either of the top two stars in Cena or Punk. Plus there was no Kane, Bryan, Henry, etc. And then it got even worse. All 3 announcers (Lawler, Booker, Cole) were apart of the match, thus wasting 3 spots. You had Hacksaw, Kharma, and Road Dogg, and while I enjoyed Road Dogg and Kharma, you had 3 more guys everyone knew wasn't going to win. Plus, the whole beginning of the match was nothing but a comedy segement w/ Foley/Ricard/Santino. The lack of star power and the addition of so many fillers made this one of the weakest Rumble matches ever.

One year later, however, I think that all changes. So much in fact, that I believe that this Rumble could be one of the most star studded, perhaps THE most star studded, Rumble matches ever.

Let's face it. In one week, WWE already has done a better job in building up this year's Rumble match than last year's. John Cena, Randy Orton, and Sheamus have already announced their entry into the match. Love them or hate them, they are undoubtedly the company's top 3 babyfaces.

You go from there and ask "who else will be added?" The next biggest name that will enter is the company's fastest rising star Ryback. Unless WWE totally switches their plans, Punk will face Rock at RR and Ryback will enter the Rumble match. Again, love him or hate him, Ryback has become one of the most over stars in the last few months and the crowd will erupt when the buzzer goes off and we hear "FEED...ME...MORE!"

You go from there and see who could be added. You've got The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, his new body guard Big Langston. The Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan, The high flyers Mysterio and Sin Cara (assuming both are ready for the match), and The Rhodes Scholars consisting of Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. You've got a nice group of mid carders in Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett, Antonio Cesaro, and R-Truth.

Then you've got the great new trio known as The Shield. I definitely think Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose will all be apart of the Rumble match and bring an element of chaos and surprise into the match. Plus there is Brad Maddox, who will bring some element of entertainment to the match.

Then you look at all of the possible surprise entrants. We could see the returns of Christian, Jack Swagger, and/or Mark Henry. You could even see the rumored returns of John Morrison, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, etc. Plus we could see the addition of past stars like the New Age Outlaws. And there is always that group of mid carders such as Clay, Ryder, Kidd, Gabriel, Tensai, etc.

Finally we see could even see the return of guys like Brock Lesnar or even The Undertaker.

I think this match will be the perfect mix of top guys, upper mid carders, mid carders, and returning stars. I think by the time it is all said and done, this match will be in the discussion as one of the most star studded Rumble matches in history. All the guys I look at that will possibly be in the match, and there are so many guys that won't waste a spot and make the match entertaining. If the cards are played right, this could go down as THE most star studded and entertaining Rumble matches ever.

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