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Re: Name a couple of games that you love but just won't play anymore

Persona 4: 110 hours put into that game and levels dont carry over to New Game +. I just dont want to level grind again.

Call of Duty 4: Its broken now. Too many hackers on Xbox as well as too many creepers. I don't even plug in my mic unless playing with real life friends, these days.

The Walking Dead: I actually might have one more play-through to see how the story works out if I wasn't such an ass to everyone in the game. i know what happens, therefore the tense moments just wont be as tense.

Final Fantasy 7: I've never beat it, but I downloaded it on my Vita and I just cant passed the square hands and ridiculous character movements in the cut scenes. When I played it originally, I had a lot of fun with it. It was one of the first games I got with my PSone, but then FF8 came out and I just moved on to Squall's story.

Halo Reach: Used to play the online a lot with an ex-boyfriend. Just too many bad memories for me with the Halo franchise as a whole. Every time I played the game my mind wanders and I begin to cry. Needless to say, we've sold all the Halo games in this house. My partner is more of a Gears fan anyhow.

Sonic: I used to play the game non-stop on my Sega Genesis. I tried to play the Genesis Collection on my PS3 and I just felt old. Too much stuff was happening on the screen.
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